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Here's something I'd like to share with you: encfs (cf. for the N810/Diablo.

I originally wanted to do this properly as .deb packages, but found it too cumbersome: encfs uses two small parts of libboost, which is quite a large beast all by itself, librlog, and fuse - all of different origins - and requires the fuse kernel module. In my understanding these would all have to be done as separate packages resulting in 5 separate packages - fuse kernel module, fuse-utils, librlog, libboost, encfs - just to provide a single usable functionality.

I've therefore chosen to create a single compressed tar archive that needs to be untarred as root in '/' and wrapped the setup code in a shell procedure named runencfs.

I've created this stuff mostly because I wanted a better way to safely store data on my n810 - so "your mileage may vary" and "caveat user".

What are your general feelings on providing useful functionality outside of the packaging environment? Is this a no-go for you? Would you rather not have some functionality than having it this "amateurish" way?
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Thank you very much for your effort. I missed much the lack of any encryption system in the tablets.
It is usually better to provide the new functionality packaged as .deb. While you are right in that properly done there have been 5 packages, as long nobody else is using or providing those libs and there are no conflicts you can make things simpler by using less packages, for example just two: fuse (fuse module+fuse utils) and encfs (encfs+supporting libraries)
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This is very interesting to me now with conboy's support of ubuntu-one... I like the idea of an easy to access cloud for synchronization between a computer and hand held device, but like more privacy in my notes. Thanks wjg. I hope this will work today.'s Avatar
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I just rebuilt encfs for harmattan , if anyone want to check it ... it's a the usual place ... just installed #FusE's #EncFs on #MeeGo/#HarmattaN from testing shared repo please comfirm ok for #n9 !n950club
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