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Originally Posted by peterleinchen View Post
Connect your N900 via USB with a (uhh, shiver) Windows computer and right-click the new drive appearing in Windows explorer.
Choose tab tools and click 'correct/repair' (or similar named).
Before removing USB disconnect clean.
That's it.

Else you may search on this forum for michaaa and its wonderful and at least thousand times posted explanations/commands how to handle such situatuon directly via x-terminal shell on N900 itself!
Thanks for your reply. I fixed the 'read-only' problem by applying your method. However, the 'stargus' is not playable on my N900.

Although I have put the original starcraft CD in N900's internal memory, there is still an Error message on installation. I could now launch the 'stargus' application. It loads the default menu successfully(with sounds) but would never load any Scenarios. It will crash if I press 'start game' or anything related to 'change scenario'. I am sure having the starcraft original CD files in the right path.

I have also noticed that in an Android verison of 'stratagus' there is no need to extract the original CD files through installation, but just needs to copy files to the 'stratagus folder' path. Could I do this on my N900?(Skip the extraction step)

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