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I successfully installed CSSU. Very nice! But I'm not able to install that orientation-lock applet.

I'm really a newbie, also in Linux. Can anybody show me step by step, what to do? Answers like "with apt-get" or "via HAM" are not so helpful for me. I think, I need some more steps...

Thank you!
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Did you already modified the repositories in HAM configuration.
As you already know the Nokia repos are not online anymore but we have
SIM-Switcher, automated SIM switching with a Double (Dual) SIM adapter
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O.K., it was my fault! Now I know what HAM is... (the build in app manager...)!
It was a little laborious to find the package there. I searched for Status-area..., but the package in HAM is named orientation...

I'm very sorry about my stupid question...

Thank you!

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