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Link me
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any chance of a simple installer? similar to what exists for mer?
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Hey, is there any way to boot this rootfs with Fanoush bootmenu?
I have both internal and external MMC formatted to ext3, and 256MB swap partition on internal MMC as well, so I have uncompressed the rootfs to internal mmc, installed Fanoush bootmenu, and when selecting booting from internal mmc it just sits there, with a white screen "booting from internal MMC"
I think it is doing something, because when i select booting from external MMC it immediately discovers that it cannot boot from it.
This is the bootmenu.conf I am using:
Nokia-N810-43-7:~/initfs_flasher# more bootmenu.conf
# bootmenu customisation file
# included from after default menu is defined
# you can change some items or redefine menu completely

# timeout for automatic selection when no key is pressed
# set to -1 for no timeout (not recommended, can drain battery when device reboots unatteded)

# IP address for USB networking

# dim screen when in menu
#/usr/sbin/dsmetest -l 1 #for OS2006/7
#/usr/sbin/dsmetest -l 3 #for OS2008, 1 turns screen completely off

# menu items
MENU_MIN=1 # first item index

#no need to redefine
#MENU_1_NAME="Internal flash"

MENU_2_NAME="Internal MMC card, partition 1, ext3"
MENU_2_MODULES="mbcache jbd ext3"
[ -d "/sys/block/${INT_CARD}/${MENU_2_DEVICE}" ] || MENU_2_NAME="(${MENU_2_NAME}) N/A"

MENU_3_NAME="External MMC card, partition 1, ext3"
MENU_3_MODULES="mbcache jbd ext3"
MENU_3_FSOPTIONS="noatime" #",data=writeback"
[ -d "/sys/block/${EXT_CARD}/${MENU_3_DEVICE}" ] || MENU_3_NAME="(${MENU_3_NAME}) N/A"

MENU_4_NAME="Power off (when not on charger)"

#last item index, change if you add/remove items
What I am doing wrong? ;-)

Also I find it very confusing that mmc device names are different in initfs and after the system is loaded. WTH?'s Avatar
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See that video demo :

n8x0 support in qemu is great, I tested it on nitdroid, it may also support ubuntu or deblet ...
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Originally Posted by b-man View Post
try running 'apt-get install sys-env-x' - it should install the rest of the base system for you

I'm switching to a different basse system setup so it is easier for people Ubuntu (sys-env system) - wich is probibly why some of the stuff in the ubuntu-n8x0 repo have been broken.

Also, i'm sorry i haven't been verry active lately - this has been a verry busy time for me
Ok, i cloned my internal flash on a sd card (writing this post from it now ) so i can now easily restore if st goes wrong... so I'm going to try your procedure again... sorry for the stupid question, 'apt-get install sys-env-x' is going to replace wich part of your procedure?
thanks a lot!
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I'm having a similar problem as 0xDEADBEEF using Fanoush's Boot Menu. Boot hangs with white screen "Booting from mmc1 (mmcblk0p1 ext3)..."

That's the right card+partition so not sure whats going on.
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Well, I have got the Mer installer and Mer bootmenu.
Wiped out Fanoush bootmenu and installed Mer bootmenu, I think it may be more friendly to Ubuntu.
Trying to install Mer now, just for fun ;-)
Well, mer installer has uncompressed to the internal card, menu item is there. The bootmenu starts, it tries to run linuxrc from mmcblk0p1 and then restarts.
What I am doing wrong?

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Hi. It's really nice!

I did not find anything about java vm in it. Do it or will it support java?
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Originally Posted by intery View Post
Hi. It's really nice!

I did not find anything about java vm in it. Do it or will it support java?
apt-get install openjdk-6-jre icedtea6-plugin
Warning: java runs very slowly on the tablet. It especially takes a long time for the applet to initialize. Be patient.
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for j2me apps you need cacao or something
Touch Book .. do not waste you money on it.

nokia n8x0, ubuntu

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