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try these

OS images to reflash your tablet: N900 - N810 - N800 - 770.

Wiki: Updating the tablet firmware

I used Windows flasher to get OS2008He installed on 770.
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770 lives forever, thats to Tear and OS2008HE

I've got Tear running on my Nokia 770 under OS2008HE and its awesome to have my 770 with new life.

I ran Sunspider benchmark on several browsers, including Debian armel under N800, but I was really suprised that Tear on the 770 got a really decent score! Boot to MMC and over 500 OS2008 applications are on I have full comparison numbers and more info on my blog, enjoy!

Nokia 770 OS2008HE Tear 108584ms
Nokia N800 OS2008 Tear 68905ms

NIT rocks!
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By the way, I know this is a off topic, but what is the logic in making the 2007HE section of the forum locked, considering that this is still the best OS for 770? The fact OS2007 is not an official OS of any device is irrelevant.

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A near death experience for my dearly 770. I installed telescope under 2008HE, it failed. So, what the hack, i just reflashed my 770 would just be fine. Well, not quite sure how it happended. The flash to 2008He was 'interrupted' and shut off during half installation. The tablet was left in a permanently ON situation. I took the battery out and tried again, this time, the Nokia Update Wizard will only recognize the tablet transiently and then turned to keep on search, device NOT found. Well, I guess, this is really end of life for the 770.

I re-hooked everything up, it again, failed to boot, and upon flashing, give the "device NOT found" and refused to flash. With the tablet hooked up with USB and the USB sign on the right upper corner, out of desparately, I hold on the swap key (the one shaped like a house) and press on the power key again, this step made the update wizard recognize the 770, I hurriedly press the 'next' key on my window keyboard and the flashing program then catch on without a glitch. I gues it worked depended on the stage of your 'half' flashing. Anyway, just in case I or anybody will need it in the future.


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