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I just ran into a very strange problem.
step by step:

1. I took a backup N900 out of my closet that's never been powered on (PR1.3 preinstalled).
2. I installed rootsh and openssh-server via HAM.
3. I successfully ssh'ed into the N900 via wifi from my desktop-PC (Debian Wheezy).
4. I swapped home and mydocs partitions according to [1] (this involved a reboot).
5. I successfully ssh'ed into the N900 via wifi again.
6. I installed CSSU stable according to [2] (including the reboot).
7. I installed kernel-power v52 and rebooted the N900.
8. I tried to ssh into the N900 again but always get this error:
~$ ssh root@
root@'s password: 
Permission denied, please try again.
9. I un- and reinstalled ssh-server several times, via HAM, via apt-get (with and without purge), deleted /etc/ssh but always get the same error, not only from my PC but also from my HTPC (also running Debian). I have not made any changes to the N900's default ssh configuration (/etc/sshd_config attached).

Has anybody ever seen something like this? Is this CSSU/KP-related? If not, what's going on here?

Otherwise wifi from the N900 works just fine. I can ping the N900 from my PC, I can ssh from the N900 to the PC and I can browse the internet.

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Try changing StrictModes to look like:
StrictModes no /etc/ssh/sshd_config

I remember having exact same issues (albeit I was using publickey auth, only), for reasons unknown. I *ensured* that all files are owned correctly, and permissions are *not* set to "allow write" for world., still, strictmode was kicking in.

I scratched my head about it for a while, then just shrugged and left it as "no", cause I maintain correct permissions for my ssh configs, anyway. Still, it is very interesting, that you run into it just after installing CSSU, not ssh-server update, as I thought - it may be worthwile to left a note to CSSU guys, then.

Of course, only if it really help in your case as I suspect - otherwise all of the above is moot

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It turned out that I mixed up my devices (productive vs. testing) and for some reason set up a different ssh password on the testing device which I was now trying to use on the producttive one.

I guess I shouldn't do such things with a new-years hangover.
Thanks anyway!

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