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Originally Posted by Feathers McGraw View Post
This community, and its own community, which is quite healthy!
You know, this is quite fair and I did not include their own community simply due to oversight. Thank you for this subtle correction and sharing of information. I appreciate it.

I truly do hope that they succeed, as much as I hope that Jolla continues to exist and succeed. Sadly, I've been very recently forced to utilize an iPhone 7 and let me tell you... I miss so much already.

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Originally Posted by nh1402 View Post
You don't even need to buy one of those, providing kernel source is available, the bootloader is unlockable and a compatible version of CyanogenMod or AOSP 5 is available, then you can port it yourself.

UPDATE: A popular misconception is that you need to be a developer in order to port. That is NOT the case.
then still you need an android device first, right?

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Originally Posted by ibrakalifa View Post
then still you need an android device first, right?
I'd imagine you need one to test your port at least

I mean, I could do a porting for a device "on the blind" and then give the image for somebody to flash on a device if I don't have it myself... then what?
Most probably there is something to fix/debug/tune, how to do that if I do not have the device in my hand...

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Hi, I need little help with few problems with my Nexus 4 Sailfish and forum didn t allow me to post new thread -_-

1) not important, but USB mass storage mode is not working
2) bluetooth is not working - there is no quick action to turn it on or off, in setting > bluetooth tells me that bluetooth is not available
3) everything related with GPS is not working - I tried some android apps like Sygic, Navfree and OSMand, gpsinfo tells me that some sattelites have fixed signal, but it is not showing longitude/latitude etc. and those apps still are just searching signal, but will never find.

I think it wont be a hardware problem, because I have dualboot with android 5 and there is everything working ok.

Can you help me please?

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