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Hey Folks,

Last time I was drunk I thought it would be a good idea to delete the contents of "/var/lib/dpkg/info/" without realizing that all the information 'bout installed packages will get lost.

Is there any accetable way to recover the files / information that have been in that folder? Maybe there is a scripted solution to regain the package infos?

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It's always a bad idea to do anything in root shell while beeing drunk :-).

I'd personally try to copy it from another n900 and reinstall all necessary packages. If it fails - a reflash is definitely a solution.
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I would apt-get install --reinstall all packages Maybe this is scriptable
Ernesto de Bernardis

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Guys finally got rid of android. Sorry for bringing up this now but did anyone tried to put simbolic links in this dir and move the files away to save space for rootfs?
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Sure! I am using this script slightly modified from this wiki page to move large directories to optfs, also known as /home/opt/

The script will show the amount of free space in rootfs before and after the moving of stuff.

Extract the script to the user directory, make it executable and run it as root
unzip .
chmod +x
sudo gainroot
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