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i want to dabble a bit in location based notifications, and while i know that i should use GeoClue, i figure that this would be a good time to delve deeper into the different device bindings.

As far as i can tell, to get the GPS location from the N810 i should user either GPSbt or easy.

However i also want to try getting a location fix by profiling the surrounding WLAN APs. I would need a way to scan for APs and get the ID and probably Channel and signal strength of each AP in range. I think i should be able to do that with python-conic, but there seems to be very little documentation on that module so far. Is there a different module i can use, or some API documentation for python-conic?

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Hey NsN,

perhaps you have already seen them, but here are a few links according to python-conic. I haven't used it by myself, but the impressions I got, after reading a bit, was that it works pretty well...

1) Examples

2) Some reference-docs

3) and the API of libconic, which seems to be quite similar.

Perhaps it'll help you a bit.

cheers daniel

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