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Why people keeps on saying that? My Ovi map can save address/bookmarks and POI.

Describe the process. I can't figure it out as well. The procedure is not intuitive.
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But, did you really navigate? I mean, if you decided not to follow the route, does Ovi maps re-calculate a new route automatically? What I found is that the originakl route stais on the map, and the device does not recalculate a new one. This is not what I call navigation: that is "planning".
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How do yo install maemo mapper i the N900??
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Originally Posted by les_garten View Post
Describe the process. I can't figure it out as well. The procedure is not intuitive.
pic enclosed.

Places (one with a magnifying glass at Left lower corner) > put in any business, click the result you interested, this returns you to the map with a big beautiful blue icon at the center of the map, touch it and say a prayer, you just created your 1st POI, and it supposed to stay there upon closing the map, see pic. Dont create too many or three many, I have NOT figure out how to take it away , you, stop laughing at me.....

More info and pic here,, thread #51

When off line, your POI, though still show up but is not clickable.
To do route when offline, you have to set point A and point B manually, I usually just click any thing near the destination and gps current position, it will generate a route.

No. The N900 with its current status, is NOT a replacement for a standalone gps. If you know your instrument, it can still serve you with its capacity. My N900 tracks me very well and gps lock is NO complaint after the last 2 upgrades.

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Two days ago, I was having quite a GOOD experience with Ovi maps.

As usual, we got into the car in a big hurry, just like Alice in Wonderland, "We are late. We are late."

The car was running 75 MPH shortly, I sticked out my TomTom, a stand alone GPS, it would not give me a route, the target location was a new subdivision and the map is outdate, so, TomTom: "no route planned"...

I gently put the TomTom back into my backpack, and this time, I sticked out my N900.
With the car running 75 MPH, no internet connection, my Ovi map got a GPS lock in 2 minutes. I kind of know where we supposed to go, I scrolled to my destination manually (100+ miles from my starting point), and took that as point B, and connected to my GPS location as point A, Bingo, a route was drawn instantly while my dedicated GPS TomTom failed!

I followed the route and the tracking was meticulous, when getting into town, there was a minor detour from construction. No sweat, I blowed up the Ovi scale, and easily found some small side roads and detoured for a couple minutes, back to the Ovi route with no difficulty. And of course, we made it in time even though we have NO IDEA where was the actual destination in the beginning

Bottomline, Ovi map is a tool. Just like ANY tool in life, you learned it, it will work for you. I am pretty sure I would NOT have made it with my TomTom and I would have to make tons of phonecall for help if Ovi is NOT available.

I conclude with a few tricks I have learned thruout the frequent use of Ovi:

1) gps lock, in order of importance, seeing the sky > eCoach > wifi.
2) saving your landmark or POI,, thread #51
3) stop Ovi from spinning,, thread #103


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