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Originally Posted by meloferz View Post
Well, I have to return to Android
I was very happy with Sailfish OS, but I began to have problems with memory space, and begins to go very slow... I didn't receive messages from Whatsapp...
So well... I will return back after more improvement with this OS, anyway, I contributed to support Jolla. Hope they will make more stable soon

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I have whatsapp, facebook messenger, skype and linphone running on my SailfishX and i did not notice any slowing down. I've yet to experience any serious problem with my dailly use. Polar sync does not work but that is no problem because can sync it when i charge.

Also use other apps like engadged and foreca weather from android without problems.

I do use 4g all the time, what network do you use? I noticed some problems with wifi and android.

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sailfish os, sony xperia x

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