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Originally Posted by mosen View Post
1. The current speed is displayed halfed on xa2. Going 40 shows 20 Km/h and so on.
I would suggest to check using GPSInfo and if its the same for it, report the issue @TJC

Originally Posted by mosen View Post
2. The road signs showing the next exit are very nice already, bravo.
2a. Only the german translation for "exit" is hilariously wrong atm. Currently "Beenden XX" means "Quit XX". "Exit XX from current Road" would be "Ausfahrt XX".
2b. But the exit/ausfahrt numbers are not commonly used here anyway. Many (early&mixed) signs are even missing them.
Propably leading to confusion when the first info we give on the sign is not there in real world?
I propose to move the first line "Exit XX" to the bottom of the sign below the actual destination city names.
2c. Also the word "Ausfahrt" is never written out on german signs. It is indicated by a white number with white circle around it on the bottom of the sign as the word Ausfahrt is very clunky and long i guess. So no need to give away screen estate for a word even german officials do not use imo.
2d. All Caps is not necessary for the city names on the sign. It increases character spacing and does not resemble the real life signs. I would advise to remove allcaps and increase the font weight to compensate for better readability.
2a - please correct at (may require some registration).

2b. exit numbers are used in other places though and are the first ones on the sign ( , used in EU as well, depending on country). => no move

2c. "Exit" is not written in (at least some) other places either. But showing plain number is maybe not the best solution either.

2d. City names are usually on street signs ALL CAPS. Hence the same on Pure Maps.

Originally Posted by mosen View Post
3. UX wise, (reflecting my expectations when moving from Waze/Here/Sygic to Pure Maps)
3a. Always center on current position when Pure Maps starts. Currently the map is centered around the last known position and a tap on the top right "center" button is required to move the view to current position. It would be nice if the map view would resemble the actual current position always and as soon as it is known.
3b. The "Follow me" function should not be an option to select but be standard on app start and always on if no route exists or the user does not manually drag or pinch the map. Removing the necessity for that settings option completely.
3b. Colors of the position marker (Blue circles) and the route (blue track) are too similar and sometimes look slightly messed up. Maybe change the position marker to black or something funky, ad some drop shadow to it or use a 3d modeled one as soon as a route is displayed? (I could gladly help with designing one if you explain the constraints)
3c. The "Navigation" menue option/page should contain a list of past destinations, currently you have to tap the "to" field for them.
3d. The "to" field in navigation page should be the search field you get when now taping it.
3e. For the end user it is hard to understand why the search results in navigation and search page differ. When using the search in navigation page (Stadia Maps?) i hardly ever get a result for my (maybe to lax) keywords. The exact keywords in search page (using OpenCage?) however reliably give a matching proposal. Either explain to the user how to use the search or better move to the most reliable search engine allover.
3a. that's tricky - GPS takes some time and the question is whether to move when its fixed. I presume if the user hasn't touched anything on a map, moving is warranted. Otherwise, it will be annoying if its in the middle of something.

3b. Follow me has few implications which result in the requirement of being able to switch it on or off. In this mode, device is kept alive and screen is on. In addition, map GUI elements are zoomed to account for having a device on a holder in a car, for example. So, it has to by controllable (start/stop) by the user. Same is in Google Maps, HERE I haven't checked. Now it shouldn't be that hidden either, but it will probably have to be kept in mind during redesign.

3b(2). Agreed. Corresponding issue was filed already . I added "gui redisign" label to it.

3c. Filed

3d. Would have to think about it. It can easily get too messy. In general, would probably be OK to get from typing to "To" to the full blown search page where you could actually select the target with coordinates.

3e. If we have objects (search results) as To/From, we will not get this discrepancy. At present, routers run searches using "default" gecoders. For OSM Scout, its OSM Scout Server. For others, something that was defined as default.

Now, in terms of geocoders. I would like to know if anyone is using Photon as a geocoder. If not, I'd suggest to try and report back. Photon supports search-as-you-type and should also allow to bias results towards some location.

If the response is positive, we could change the default to Photon. I do wonder why OpenCage was selected as a default - maybe it does have a better performance.

@mosen - thank you very much for the analysis and feedback!

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Originally Posted by rinigus View Post
Now, in terms of geocoders. I would like to know if anyone is using Photon as a geocoder. If not, I'd suggest to try and report back. Photon supports search-as-you-type and should also allow to bias results towards some location.
could you please explain step by step how to do that. Honestly i confess to not have mastered the Pure Maps learning curve completely.

2a. Exit was already fixed at transifex. I am using 1.8.0 from openrepos, maybe it is not yet present there?

2b-c-d. I was under the impression the signs are already localized and editable per country, only judging from the nice blue color the german ones sport I am totally aware of the differences in EU "signing" and my comments are to be seen in light of the possibility to have perfectly real life resembling signs per country So that's what i am apparently asking for.

Pardon my ignorance. As you can see i have not fully understood Pure Maps. It makes perfect sense now but i guess you do not want to explain to each user individually My humble user expectation to a navigation system foremost is to know where i am at any time. If that info is not possible, inform me please. Maybe a top red bar saying "awaiting GPS fix" like Waze is doing it. But as soon as GPS is fixed and differs from last location, move the view to my current location and follow me if i am moving. Else i feel lost
If the gps fix is wrong for whatever reason, well still show me where you think i am so i can judge for myself if that is correct.

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@mosen - geocoder is "Search" - sorry for using geo-lingo. So, in search, just select Photon . I actually made a video for desktop users, its 1:50 from the beginning of . [small advantage of having it running on desktop is the ability to make such videos].

Translations are updated with the new releases, I guess it wasn't pulled in time for 1.8.0.

2b-c-d: wouldn't be trivial, but we have an issue filed for it.

Awaiting GPS fix is probably the most adequate (added note at Note that some of us use Pure Maps for trip planning as well. In this case, you may actually want to keep the old zoom/location and have a chance to press on POI and select Drive.

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New release is out - 1.9.0

This release adds support for personal API keys. This allows each interested user to register at used provider(s) and use your own API key. So, if someone nicks any of the keys again or we will shoot over the limits, you could still use the application. Such addition was required to release a version for desktop Linux without having to risk disturbing SFOS users. At this moment, while a bit buggy over there, Pure Maps is distributed via Flathub as well.

Based on suggestion by @legacychimera247 to add "home" option in navigation, you could now shortlist any of your bookmarked POIs. The shortlisted POIs will be shown next to "Current position" at navigation to/from and nearby fields. So, you could always choose Home, Work, ... to have it easily available. I have also fixed few issues with POI handling.

For SFOS3 users, Light ambiences are supported now. Hopefully, I didn't break anything for SFOS2, cannot test it now. Please let me know if something is wrong.

In this release, accumulator contributed a fix for navigation icon shown by cover and streamlined QML code to rely more on bindings. M4rtinK worked on documentation of flatpak generation. @accumulator and @M4rtinK, thank you very much!

Translations have been updated, thanks for all involved!

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