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He might be the one who's hustling you lot. That could be a premium rate number that some people may be calling to give him abuse
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Do not install via the auto-installer
I repeat, do not install via the auto-installer,
take this advice from an experienced NITDroid user,
the autoinstaller installs version 0.0.8 which is very old, very buggy, old kernel...

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Originally Posted by fahadj2003 View Post
i know his number and i know his city..
now i'll go to his house tonight with surgical gloves and a sharp knife and make sure he never comes to this forum again and gives out his personal information.. if u know what i mean..
Dude. Not even in jest. Not cool, man. :P

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Can't get easier than this:
The thanks button? Sure! You can press it! I would!
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I Was Thinking Before.
This Is Not possible.
After Seeing Discussion I Think This Is Possible.

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