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I have sfx

I have the same problem with Xperia X device.

how to resolve?

Edit: For exemple on Skype my contact can't see me on video.

Thank you
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I have been using whatsapp / discord / linphone and from what I've heard their video is also black and white and sometimes with green color on the other end.

Would love for this to get fixed since otherwise they work very well.

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It's a little paradox that on my Nexus 4 with old ported Sailfish with pirated AlienDalvik camera works in Skype and on the device with official support doesn't .
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Then it is very much a solvable problem. Hope Jolla / Alien Dalvik guys take this under eye.
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Just tried a video call with Skype Lite:

Distorted video window as in screenshot, no audio.
Followed by "this device cannot be trusted" meaning my Xperia X just rebooted.

Note that in Sailfish settings Android apps are set not to be able to access my contacts database so expect some anger reaction here.

At least text chat in Skype works after the usual "need google services" and network connection issues.

The logical successor of Skype , Wire Secure Messenger does not even work / startup at all.
No network found. Android version is too low.

Two European companies unable to get to get together and integrate their services like in 2009 Barcelona Mobile Congress when Nokia / Skype declared to tandem.

Maybe they are trying not to awake the wrath of big brother. History showed that matching the biggest mobile device manufacturer with prospect number one software to take telephony into the 21st century did not go unnoticed on the other side of the Atlantic.

Now all messengers are fighting for market share since everybody is using different messengers and it is harder than ever to create momentum for Sailfish to have a few of them make native let alone seamlessly integrated clients.

Edit: tested on Sailfish X 3 EA.

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