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Originally Posted by aspergerguy View Post
In this resource mentions Xperifix 3.2 works with 50.1.A.10.51 & 50.1.A.13.83:

Presumably TWRP Recovery had been manually installed?
I tried again and it works now. I had to use Magisk 16.7 explicitly (not the newest version).
But still no differences in functionality.

Edit: Screencast still won't start.
[FIX] No HDCP error Miracast (Ezcast)

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Originally Posted by pagis View Post
There are more reasons why we want to back up DRM keys, the device guarantee is voided, plus the fact that sony devices with SFOS seem to have a yearly cycle?
Umm, do they?

Xperia X released 2016, SailfishOS 2017
Xperia XA2 (+, Ultra) 2018/19, SailfishOS 2018

I think new hardware support will only follow if Sony continue making suitable handsets.
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[release notes] 3.0.0 Lemmenjoki

It is again possible to install Sailfish toXperia XA2 devices. Please note that you need to download the installable file again from as the flashing scripts have been renewed.

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Does anyone know if the alien dalvik implementation for the Xperia X would work on XA2 if someone just transferred the rpm's and installed them?

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It won't. ☺
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