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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
Foreground tasks are tasks that are visible to the user. In mobile environment, where tasks tend to run on full screen, only one task can be in the foreground.

Background tasks are all other tasks. It could be any other application that is not currently shown on the screen, or it could be a daemon or a service that does not even have a screen. Which one it is depends on the context.

that was new for me, thank you very much.
on the bug talking about i can not reproduce, because i am not using double-tap to wake-up it is still buggy officially. mce is heavy development nice features are coming ...
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Just question: Has anyone else noticed that while connecting to car multimedia devices the contacts are no longer sent automatically? This still worked in Since then, I've tried and, recently, on a Nexus 5. Actually, when I upgraded from I had hopes for this to have been fixed.

A "bonus" problem unrelated to The Bluetooth handsfree profile produces unintelligible audio on the Nexus 5 (A2DP works fine, though). Has this problem come up elsewhere? Any ideas how to find a fix?

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My contacts are sent okay. In fact Bluetooth connection to my car works better.
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I found the exact opposite. Contacts are sent ONLY automatically. When I sync them manually, they are cleared from the car and that's it. I need to wait until I leave the car and come again, when they sync automatically.
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