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Originally Posted by SaiKo View Post
where do you find a design for a qwertyslider that big so as to not have to develop it from scratch?
from his other project, HWK moto mod.

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Originally Posted by SaiKo View Post
question: have you considered a touchscreen phone with optional magnetic keyboard? (like tohkbd
you'd have a wider range of designs to choose from, just need to add pins and magnets on the back.
To be honest, a phone with a keyboard attached this way is rubbish, for multiple reasons:
  1. The Phone is massively unbalanced, because the battery is in the Display unit, so typing isn't really comfortable.
  2. The Phone is thicker
  3. The whole thing is quite instable (not software wise but hardware) and doesn't give you a lot of trust in not loosing the display unit.

I have tohkbd and I merely use it for that reasons.

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I tend to agree with @fellfrosch's points. Just as most-if-not-all keyboard accessories meant to be used with a tablet, "converting" it to a laptop don't work for the very same reasons; the end result is not a good tablet nor a good laptop

It is essential to have a solid connection between the lower part containing the KBD and the upper part with display, and to get the balancing right the battery just has to be located in the lower part, else the construction is very uncomfortably balanced.

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I think we need a big banner on the first post explaining why the screen size is set, to prevent this recurring debate.

For those of us who sit watching this thread it looks like people just aren't getting the message / complaining even though the answer has been given several times, but in reality it's probably just because newcomers aren't reading the whole thread and the information is buried (even though it's linked from the first post, it could be more explicit).

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Originally Posted by SaiKo View Post
where do you find a design for a qwertyslider that big so as to not have to develop it from scratch?
the last landscape qwertysliders were produced way before screens got that big, so ... you'd asume there arent any designs that big you could use?
He has the slider design from his Moto keyboard project.

And he has a working reference design for a 5.5" device. (Not sure where from, but that's what I understood.)

So now all he has to do is combine those in a single device. Which is easier than starting from scratch, but is still a very big effort considering he only has a small team.

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