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so i went from being totally bored to now finding it to be a joy to use. Much better than any other phone i had ever used.

I swipe UI took me awhile to get too. I can already see some places for improvement. For example when you are in a sub menu you should be able to swipe back instead of pressing the arrow key.

the interface is a massive improvement from the N900. The phone feels like a classic nokia device with alot of little touches that makes it a nokia phone.

the screen is stunning actually too stunning. I had to turn down the brightness and subdue the color profile.

the inhouse music player is way better than the stock N900's music player.

internet browser is good from what i did with it so far.

the video player is terrible but i knew that when i purchased the device. However the quality of what it can play is good.

the bad:

the unicorn white is not as stunning in person as it was in the opinion. i should had went with black.

this is my first pure touch phone....i miss having a keyboard

i wish i could do something with those damn apps. no folders to organize and cant delete the stock apps such as facebook and twitter.

i am pretty sure i will find some more bad stuff to report in the upcoming days....

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1. You can create folders by long tapping any icon and choosing create folder from thne bar that appears at the bottom of the screen
(If no such option is there then you are still on PR1.1, update your phone)
2. If you enable developer mode you can safely make icons invisible on the launcher with the following commands as root
 cd /usr/share/applications
mv [app-name].desktop [app-name].desktop0
you can use ls to see how the names are (e.g) twitter is twitter-qml.desktop
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Make sure you have at least PR1.2, I think that's when folders were added. Although I recommend PR1.3 and the first thing you do, enable developer mode and install FasterN9. It makes N9 much faster.

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pictures i love white n9
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Originally Posted by Klavier View Post
the unicorn white is not as stunning in person as it was in the opinion. i should had went with black.
I agree with you. I loved the white in the photos and videos and was thinking for a very long time, whether I should get a white or a black one. I also asked here in the forum about opinions, since I couldn't see one in person. I recently saw a white one live and didn't really like it (though for a woman it may be nice).
For me:
1. black
3. white
6. cyan
7. magenta

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