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The time has come to retire my N900 and find something else (non iOS or Android) that can fill the role of the N900. After looking at the devices with Sailfish adaptation I settled with the Moto G4 Plus with 4GB RAM and 64GB Flash.

The install instructions I took from here.

It seemed that most things should be working but with couple hopefully minor bugs. I have been experimenting with this nearly two weeks now. Until today the phone functions, SMSes, and most other things seemed very funky... The claimed proximity sensor issue was the most annoying that prevented using phone unless ps was disabled.

I crawled through the root filesystem looking for various configuration files to see what might be wrong. I found a file where single vs dual SIM setup was configured and the second SIM slot was enabled there. (/etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf: There was a note to not enable it unless you really have dual SIM phone.) I did comment out the second SIM lines and to my great surprise the first time I was able to see the cell network status icon with 4G! Also the pull down menus to enable/disable airplane mode and turning on/off Bluetooth started to work properly. Once in lock screen pressing power button once brings me to the Jolla home screen when before it I just had spinning circle.. I need to try if I can enable the wake on screen with double tap now...

It just seems so strange that just a little fix seems to make a huge difference for almost everything...

At this point most everything works except video recording. That should be the next thing to put effort. This is close to becoming a viable daily driver!

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Few months has passed. The developer has made new build based on the version. If you go to the xda developers thread you can see there are some issues still. (The bootloop is the most important one. I got into it once but was able to get out somehow...)

I flashed this yesterday and overall the device works much better/smoother and all the recent applications seems to install and work on it now.

The biggest issue is of course the bootloop but also the proximity sensor and camera video recording needs addressing too. In addition the camera flash is not synchronized with the shutter so flash photography is not working.

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Originally Posted by Mara View Post
but also the proximity sensor
This is an issue with lots and lots of community ports. I wonder why there is no standard 'proximity sensor driver' that just works with everything. I would be using the Xperia Mini Pro every day if only the proximity sensor worked, because now the screen somehow gets permanently disabled when you hold it up to your ear to talk, and there's no way to get out of the situation unless you take out the battery - and still the call technically never ended. Anyhow, great to hear the developer is making lots of progress on this port!

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I you have new enough sensorfw and you proximity driver support enabling via sysfs then you can try add similar lines to your /etc/sensorfw/primaryuse.conf
powerstate_path = /sys/module/ct406/parameters/prox_enable
There is also unblank-restart-sensors which restarts sensorfw when display wakes up. It cause brightness change so on photon q I use simple app which stop/start/stop QProximitySensor (sic!) instead and it works in 98% cases.
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I'm happy to report I was mistaken about the proximity sensor... It actually works! I tested it with a phone call and the screen properly turns off when held close to ear and lights up when moved away. (Before I looked the sensor status using AIDA and it is flaky and inconsistent there.)

Phone calls work including speakerphone.

I got the bootloops stopped by removing symlink wlan-module-load.service at /lib/systemd/system/ (This is the workaround fix by the developer described in at the xdadevelopers thread.)

At this point it is only the camera stuff left?

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