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MirrorLink is the new name for Terminal Mode standard. Essentially, it's your smartphone embedded onto the screen of your car stereo thingy. It's been in development by Nokia, is Qt-based and would be a really rather nice way of show-casing the perpetually brilliant N900.

I'm crap at coding these days (my job entails beating programmers with sticks of ASCII until they churn out a decent product), but I'd like to encourage somebody to take a look at this ; feasability study and all that.

Imagine the N900 being one of the first devices to support this

Video of MirrorLink concept in action (Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive)

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That would rock.

The new firmware for the Alpine unit can handle full mode - that means you could play games, check mails etc.

Mirror Link is based on vnc. Connection is made via usb ethernet. all of these should not be complicated for someone who is into n900 coding
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Has anything progressed for a Mirrorlink on the N900?
there is this
so perhaps it can be installed by someone with meecolay?

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