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Install, use and deinstall it on your own responsibility!
It may cause some problems.

Some information:
Operb Mobile uses /home/user/.operb/ directory instead of /home/user/.opera/ and /opt/operb/ instead of /opt/opera/.
Icon has been taken from Opera Labs build and resized to 64x64 pix.
Entry for setting it as the main browser in Browser Switchboard: "/opt/operb/bin/opera %u".
I tried to change some files to avoid conflicts with existing opera-mobile package but it may do it indeed. Let me know about issues and I will try to fix them.
Is anybody interested in making Operb based on older versions of Opera Mobile (f.e. 11.5, 10.1)? If yes, please let me know and I will take a look on it.
And finally - I don't have an access to source code so most probaly I couldn't help with bugs/issues existing in Opera Mobile.

Package operb-mobile-12-1 depends on opera-mobile.

Download deb file from .
Install it via "dpkg -i operb-mobile-12-1.deb" (as root).

Future plans:
1. Making as many symlinks as possible to reduce the size of two Operas (now there coexist all files twice)
2. Upload the final version to repository (if possible and does not violate copyrights)
3. Making Operc, Operd and Opere which will enable us to have 5 instances of Opera Mobile at the same time.
4. if (desiredOlderOperaAsOperb) goto 1;
5. Making MeeGo version.

Last update: 2015.08.11

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This is basically just to have 2 different windows?
Please donate if you think I'm doing a good job.
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Nope. These are completely separate Opera installations.

Of course you can share some data between them (through symlinking) but that's different story.

I personally use one of the installations only for reading news and doing other things which don't need any registration. To do it I sometimes use non-fully-trusted hot-spots and that way I can avoid potential "leak" of my personal data (for example from cookies).

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A lot of people who're locked up in jail today uses smartphone and tablets to communicate to outside world now days.

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