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Created Monday 12 September 2011
Sync palm PIM with N810

I bought a N810 to replace my Palm TX. To transform PIM is my first priority. In my limited search, I couldn't find any thing to do this directly. Then I collected different information no the web and did my experiment. I was finally able to sync palm's PIM. This is the write up, hopefully it will be usful for others in the similar situation. The procedure described below is really not specific to TX and N810, so should work on any palm and Maeom based machines.

There are several possible ways to sync

* direct sync between palm with n810's gpe. ----Best but...
* Palm-->pc's outlook-->n810's gpe
* Palm-->pc's kde-->n810's gpe
* Palm-->pc's evolution-->n810's gpe

I only tried the 4th one. I don't have outlook to try the 2nd one.
Here are the steps:

* Install evolution with palm conduit on pc. Please note that don't do this step on stock Ubuntu 10.10. It's evolution is known for broken on palm sync side.
* Install opensync and its gpe plugin on pc and create a member for evolution and a member for palm and set palm to connect through network. In sync setting, choose PDA overwrite pc.
* On n810 install gpe and gpesyncd.
* On n810 install openssh server and set it up for pc to connect without using a password.
* Press hotsync on palm, palm's PIM should be transformed to pc's evolution.
* Open opensync-gui on pc and press Refresh, pc's PIM should be transformed to n810.

This is pretty a concise summary. However, you can easily get details of each step on the internet.
As mentioned above, the ideal way to sync is to directly transform between palm and n810. In theory, it is plausible because n810 is linux based and all tools are open source. For example, built opensync and its palm conduit on maemo.

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