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Is there a way to auto reply a text message when receiving a (specific) text message or from a (specific) number?
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I've looked for such a pre-packaged app, but I haven't found one.

One could write such a thing with sufficient knowledge, patience and time. I keep meaning to do this, but just don't get around to it.

Running dbus-monitor, I see there's a flurry of dbus activity when a text comes in. E.g., if you watch path=/CommHistoryModel;; member=eventsAdded the data includes both the source phone number and the text body of the incoming SMS.

This isn't the only dbus message that could be parsed for the information, just the first one I saw. A bunch of other activity stores the text, pops up a notification and adds events to [whatever the right name of the page that shows events].

Schturman's Express SMS script has code for sending an SMS that could be "borrowed" for this to avoid re-doing the already done.

Some additional fun could be piping the info to eliza and torturing a particular, shall we say "friend," with a chatbot and see how long it takes to figure it out -- but I regress. (Not digress in this case, regress.)

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