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I know that link... And guess I downloaded it last time from there. But why it is not in the repos?
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it is - extras-devel and extras-testing or so apt-cache tells me.
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Nevermind, guess my app-manager is messed already after less-than-a-day usage of freshly flashed device... I had to update fcam-drivers from extras-devel manually to get the thing working since application manager didn't show the package even after multiple clean-update cycles and couple reboots.

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The manual control for (high ) exposure time for try more iluminated photos is still a missed feature?

If not, somebody knows any other solution for this question?

(im waiting for a new n900 )
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Thanks for this. I am absolutely in love with Blessn900.
No need for instagram filters. Just gold, right out of the camera itself.
It has its bugs, which, I believe, can be lived with.

Thank you.
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Hello guys.

I know that this is an old theme, but I was wondering can a person still buy A better camera (a speedier variant of Bless N900)? Where?

Tnx for your responses in advance

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