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it was mentioned somewhere that it should not be a big problem to build packages of microb for 2007HE. Any news about that? Better browser is all I need now for "satisfying use" of 770 (2007HE). I don't expect much more any longer...but I wish I could get a N800 for 150 euros here in Finland!
N900 as day to day phone
N770 for childrens music

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The N770 MicroB package is working in 2007HE, as is the 770 package of mplayer.
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Don't have one to try off hand (they wanted a rediculous amount of shipping to send one to me, so I'll stick with my USB 100M's thanks) but the USB LAN package described in the Wiki contains all of the known USB network adapter kernel modules and automatically loads them for you, so compiling/etc shouldn't be required (keep in mind that it only works for OS2008... but that's Chinook and Diablo).

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I don't think that belonged in this thread
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Originally Posted by Benson View Post
I don't think that belonged in this thread
It's another spammer, setting s/h/itself up.
Watch out Nokia, Pandora's box has opened (sorta)...
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