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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
I second that. I was just trying to send you a donation but you do not make it exactly easy
Thanks for trying! I'll look into it a bit later...

As for OSM Scout Server, I am working on updating libpostal to 1.0 version. This will bring changes in Address parser database format leading to incompatibilities of the future maps with the current server version. I'll try to warn in advance, so you could plan map downloads and server updates.

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As mentioned above, I am working on updating libpostal to 1.0. While API was adopted fast, there were few issues that I had to hack around. The main is , for which I seem to have workaround (at least the planet was imported).

I'll be testing it over the next few days. The tests over the last week (even before workaround) were promising. If all goes fine, I'll update the software and the maps via corresponding distribution channels. However, note that its rather large change and those who have to rely on the server in the next couple of weeks, please check for the feedback of the ones who updated first. Also, if you wish to delay the update, please get all the maps before the update will hit the servers. Otherwise, you'll be unable to do that later.

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New version is out: 1.6.0

This is a major upgrade and, due to the upgrade of libpostal API, the address parsing part of the maps is incompatible with the earlier versions. After upgrade, go to Map Manager, click "Check for updates" and proceed as usual. Below, is the description of what's new.

This version is the first one supporting QtQuick Controls GUI. So, it opens full GUI for Linux desktops. It could also simplify porting to Nemo, Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile, if any porting is needed at all.

Upgrade of libpostal brings us a large work done by libpostal author in 2017. I would like to encourage you to test performance of the search and check whether your query was parsed correctly. From disk storage requirements side, the new libpostal doesn't use language parser dataset anymore which should reduce storage requirements by ~500MB on global dataset. Country datasets have changed as well, but that could be larger or smaller than before, depending on the country.

Geocoder now sorts the results somewhat differently to promote Glasgow (city) in front of the pub with the same name. This is done by preferring results with smaller number of admin levels (so Malmö kommun is preferred to Malmö city) and, for the same admin level results, with the shorter name.

Valhalla packaging changes were already in use earlier, but now the scripts are part of the release. I am also not showing country selection when its not needed in the main screen (its used only if geocoder is limited to one country or libosmscout is in use).

The translations have been updated and Dutch (BE) added to the list by @pljmn. Thanks for all the translators!

Current libpostal SFOS adaptation uses one reversed commit. Such adaptation allowed me to import the planet, but it may have some side effects. So, please tell if the server is killed for one reason or another. The corresponding issue has been opened at libpostal repository, but its not properly resolved yet.

Finally, as a simpler version, I added bitcoin donation link. Please don't ask for paypal, I don't want to engage with it at the moment. Bitcoin, as liberapay, gives you the list of transactions. So, all donations are transparent in terms of time and amounts.

New updated libpostal and geocoder-nlp datasets are available, enjoy the release.

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