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1. Skype
2. Whatsapp(Wazapp will do)
3. Cutetube (will be ported to SailfishOS)
4. Stardict (QSTARDICT is expected to be ported to SailfishOS)
5. XMPP / Jingle client with OTR and ZRTP support
6. Broad based IM integration (FB, ICQ, Yahoo, Gtalk etc)
7. Native FB app
8. Native Twitter app
9. Instagram app
10. Spotify (MeeSpot Dev contacted)
11. Grooveshark
12. Stockona (stock quote app) (Will be ported to Sailfish)
13. A shopping app with the ability to sync lists from the web. Like easylist for N9.
14. An advanced profile app like Profilematic.
15. IRC Chatter (will be ported to SailfishOS)
16. A car mode app like In Car Home for N9 (Dev contacted)
17. Clock with alarm and several timer options like countdown
18. Meecast (will be ported to SailfishOS)
19. A barcode and QR code scanner app like meescan for N9
20. A parking app to find your car again ("Parking" Dev contacted)
21. A public transportation app
22. Great maps and navigation apps
23. Soccer and Formula 1 apps
24. Integrated flashlight and backlight on functions
25. RSS app with feeds integration
26. Vimeo app like the N9 one (have been contacted)
27. Front camera support
28. Music detection app like soundwave for N9 Soundwave will be ported to SailfishOS
29. Gallery Gallery/Camera app should support uploading to several online services (auto share, delayed share, gsm/wifi only)
30. WiFi hotspot in infrastructure mode
31. Integrated way to reboot device
32. Integrated screenshot
33. Bigword (
34. Musikloud (Musikloud will be ported to SailfishOS)
35. Reverse Polish Notation calculator (TI 48 GX+ (
36. Sportstracker (Dev contacted)
37. Meetrainer (Expected to be ported to SailfishOS)
38. Meerun (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
39. Filecase for N9 (Dev contacted)
40. WiFi access to mass memory like on BB10 OS
41. Package Manager / Repo Manager app like MeeCatalog for N9
42. A track and protect app
43.proper filemanager with plugin support (plugins would be nice to add dropbox and etc support)
44. battery usage monitor (Dev is committed to porting to Sailfish. they will contact Jolla to discuss API access)
45. task manager (i hope daemon support would be out-of-box so we might need it to track what's running and option to kill processes to check memory usage and cpu and so on)
46. 4square client (Nelisquare will be ported to SailfishOS)
47. image edit app with Lots of image filters (like instagram)
48. SeriesFinale. (Expected to be ported to SailfishOS)
49. Xterm Terminal app is a core application
50. FTP-client and server
51. FM-radio (hardware dependent)
52. decent native (Firefox) web browser with desktop functionality including all plug ins
53. proactive firewall software like Little Snitch or Comodo Firewall on PC or Firewall IP on jailbroken iDevices
54. a document scanner with the easy of use of Frontview on N900
55. a wifi hotspot web server portal software including file downloading / uploading / secure account management / chat function
56. FritzFON (fritzbox)
57. Dreambox Remote and EPG Viewer and set record time
58. German/English or other Countrys Translater (like LEO)
59. Ebay German and other Countrys
60. Ebay Kleinanzeigen (German secondhand without beting)
61. Shazam
62. SoundHound
63. Soundcloud inkl. Downloader (Musikloud will be ported to SailfishOS)
64. Youtube and other Video Portal Downloader or to MP3 Converter
65. MP3/FLAC Editor/Cutter
66. PDF/Office document Viewer/Editor
67. Slowmotion Video Record
68. Time Lapse Video Record
69. Easy front end for scheduling timed events (switching profiles, executing programs, etc.), like N900's Alarmed
70. Gpodder (GPodder will be ported to SailfishOS)
71. Modrana map/routing app (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
72. Decent backup application (N900-like)
73. Saera (Dev contacted)
74. TMO-Forum-App
75. OBD2 app like Torque or OBD AutoDoctor
76. GAuth (Google Authenticator) (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
77. SomePlayer
78. MyPaint
79. SunVox (Dev contacted)
80. VU Meter (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
81. FreOffice or LibreOffice
82. QNitConverter
83. EasyList (Dev contacted)
84. Callerx
85. OpenStreetMap editor
86. Speed Test/Speed meter
87. A good stock market app
88. Stopwatch
89. Good Calculator
90. Tip calculator (ChequeMate for BB10 HAS been ported to SailfishOS) thx Michael!
91. good sound recording application (which allows saving in any supported codec).
92. Good video recording applications which allows saving in any supported codec
93. Camera app that is able to take repeated shots with timer while the phone is otherwise idle (screen off), with predefined and automatic focus modes. Hopefullly also ability to shoot raw and as good exposure and aperture control as the HW permits. Useful for example in very long exposure night shots or framing the subject with narrow DOF.
94. Button listener that makes it possible to use camera flash LED as flashlight when the phone is idle. (one of the most used features of my N9)
95. bittorrent client like transmission remote for n9
96. Public transportation application (Meegopas as an open-source application has been my choice and I hope it gets to Sailfish)
97. MyMoves - baby Jesus might cry if we don't get it to Sailfish
98. Flashlight torch - I prefer something simple like N9's PureLight that can be coupled with MyMoves to make turning it on/off fast)
99. tripAccounts (Expects to be ported to Sailfish OS)
100. WakeOnLan application (like ejjoman's excellent application)
101. EggTimer or equivalent - Who wouldn't like timing eggs?
102. ProfileMatic & RingingRestorer (I think I can do these myself)
103. Alkoon application
104. Viiniopas
105. Fart application (still missing from N9 )
106. a todo-list that gets default feeds from the calendar à la N900/Qlister (QLister already ported)
107. Stream online like firstrowsport, justinTV
108. Dictstar
109. wallet
110. fuelpad
111. qnetman2/wifieye (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
112. xbmc
113. Wechat
115. Youku
116. weibo
117. Rdp client
118. forum reading app like tapatalk
119. swift Key Flow
120. Handwriting application for taking notes
121. Translator where you take a photo and the app analyses which language that is and translates it for you.
122. Cas (computer algebra system), maybe from texas instruments (they have one for windows)
123. Personal finance Application - a'la "MobiFinance" Dorhan Software currently porting to Qt 5 and Quick 2 stack - see where this goes...
124. "Burn'A"Droid - for chemist
125. Perth Trains (Australia) (Being ported to SailfishOS)
126. Mieru (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
127. Tweetian (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
128. Meespot (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
129. Bitpurse (Expected to be ported to SailfishOS)
130. N9 compass (Expected to be ported to SailfishOS)
131. Orienteering Compass (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
132. veskumaps, google maps client (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
133. Prayer times (Dev has no plans to port to SailfishOS)
134. Islamic Compass (Expected to be ported to SailfishOS)
135. MeePasswords (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
136. Q To-do (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
137. QZeeControl (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
138. Google drive
139. Ubuntu one
140. Dropbox (Sailbox [dropn9] for SailfishOS will be availaable)
141. Fahrplan - Public transport app (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
142. Screenshot application
143. Qspot (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
144. Faircrack
145. Mawakit (Dev contacted)
146. LinkdIn
147. R
148. Tiny Tiny RSS Reader
149. SleepAnalyser
150. Evil Alarm
151. Medard (Dev contacted)
152. MovieSchedule
153. ImageMagick
154. An R frontend
155. Bible reader (Raamattu Bible Reader will be ported to SailfishOS)
156. Jamendo client
157. Evernote client
158. IP Radio (internet radio Player Dev contacted)
159. Youtube Downloader HD+ (Expected to be ported to SailfishOS)
160. radio (Dev contacted)
161. FlowPlayer (Dev contacted)
162. Recaller
163. Glogarchive
164. Battery-eye
165. Evopedia
166. Easy-Debian
167. Cleven
168. Flickr App FlickrUp will be ported to SailfishOS
169. Picasa
170. Silent Circle
171. MeeTxtEdit Dev contacted)
172. CloudGPS (May be ported to SailfishOS after device release)
173. Marble (Dev team hopes to port to SailfishOS)
174. XBMC remote
175. MeegoIM (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
176. Mupen64Plus (nintendo 64 emulator) (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
177. Mr.Shopper (I&N Mobisoft have plans to port all apps to SailfishOS - No timeframe yet though)
178. E-Navigator (I&N Mobisoft - See above
179. Filter box (I&N Mobisoft- see above)
180. Effetica (I&N Mobisoft - see above)
181. Mono Art (I&N Mobisoft - see above)
182. PinIt! Lists (Todo, shopping, etc list)
183. SunCalc (Has been ported to SailfishOS)
184. MoonCalc (Has been ported to SailfishOS)
185. StarFinder (Has been ported to SailfishOS)
186. Biorhythms (Has been ported to SailfishOS)
187. DosBox
188. scumVM
189. FBReader
190. AutoCallSMS (Dev contacted)
191. Speaker Auto Switcher (Dev contacted)
192. Line
193. Webchat
194. Discogs
195. whosampled
196. Mixcloud
197. Conboy (Dev contacted)
198. FireFox Browser
199. QuasarMX (Has been ported to SailfishOS)
200. OpenMediaPlayer
201. C:Geo
202. Neongeo
203. Pebble Watch app
204. RetroArch
205. Simplenote client
206. Tasker
207. Web Feeds
208. SciCalc (Dev contacted)
209. LastPass app.
210. OpenLiveView
211. Rocket (Has been ported to SailfishOS)
212. An iTunes remote app
213. Mstradict
214. ProfiMail
215. Maps & Drive App
216. Waze
217. Stellarium Mobile
218. Java ME, NES, SNES, Genesis, GBC, GBA, N64, PSX emulators
219. Kall (Be able to control how long a call can last and re-dial after this time has expired)
220. Firestarter (Amazon Kloud Reader)
221. Converter (currency, weight, temperature,length, etc)
223.PC Remote control (via BT or wifi)
224. goViihde
225. AGTL
226. Anki (flashcard program)
227. Chinese-English Dictionary
228. Safe-N9 (Will be ported to SailfishOS)
229. Scenetone
230. TvKaista
231. OwnCloud Client
232. Columbus
233. Xournal
234. jSpeed
235. Pocket client
236. Wolfram Alpha
237. Leafpad
238. filebox
239. Mbarcode
240. yamas
241. wireshark
242. wirouterkeyrec (xterm tool)
243. Toshi
244. Tetris
245. AGTL
246. GeoPlacer
247. Younited Client - (Native build may be built for SailfishOS)
248. Gravity (Janole)
249. Bloomberg
250. Opera Mobile
251. Nokia Maps
252. fMobi (JKosonen)
253. QNeptunea (best twitter)
254. MTV3 (Finnish)
255. Teksti-TV (Finnish)
256. Nokia Tennis
257. Nokia Goal
258. Leffaan (finnish)
259. History
260. Ilta-Sanomat (Finnish)
261. Helsingin Sanomat (Finnish newspaper)
262. Karttaselain
263. Ampparit
264. Tässä.fi
265. Posti
266. OP mobiili
267. Ruutu (shows some Finnish tv channels tv-shows)
268. YLE Areena (Shows some Finnish tv channels tv-shows)
269. Foreca weather
270. Yappari
271. pierogi
272. Mapsi
273. AlmostTI TI-85 graphical calculator emulator
274. Viber
275. Prey
276. Handy-Wi
277. Audible
278. Netmon
279. keypassX
280. TrueCrypt
281. GPSjini
282. BleachBit
283. Friends - FB App will be ported to SailfishOS
284. subway Card
285. TwitchTV
286. iMediaPlayer
287. Pinterest
288. OI.share (Olympus WiFi pic share app)
289. Dolphine Browser
290. DLNA play app
291. Stumble
292. Simple text (replace launch icons with own text)
293 Phototimer
294. rockbox
295. Orrery Expected to be ported to SailfishOS
296. CuteRemote will be ported to SailfishOS
297. Xmoto
298. nerveputt
299. Memonics Client
300. Piwigo Client
301. JottaCloud Client
302. Metawatch, Nike Fuel+, Pebble Application or framework to allow functionality
303. Rockwatch will be available for SailfishOS
304. QQ
305. Secure messenger app (aka: hemlis and ORBOT?)
306. Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Ed., Potshot Pirates 3D
307. Mojo (ex webOS)
308. enyo (ex webOS)
309. Quickbeer
310. Safe Walkie-talkie app
311. Steam support
312. Nineshark
313. Profilematic
314. Tweedsuit
315. OpenPGP
316. Buscatcher
317. Spotbros
318. Lync Support
319. ownNotes Ver 1.1.0 available for SailfishOS
320. Keepassx Will be ported to SailfishOS
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Skype(Just a voice call will do)
Whatsapp(Wazapp will do)
Cutetube(Because I like to watch videos)
Stardict(Because I have a soft copy of Oxford Advanced Learners's Dictionary 8th, the MStardict on N900 and S3dict on Symbian Belle are great)

Bluetooth tethering instead of Wifi tethering(I want to save my power)

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Firstly, I think the question should be rephrased more broadly. Not just what applications, but what functionality do you want to see and etc.

Secondly, did Jolla consult the questions in the community list? I think they did, and that list already mentions tons of preferred applications and functionality. So let me repeat some key things:

* XMPP / Jingle client with OTR and ZRTP support. If Jolla can sponsor such development in Telepathy - that would be ideal. Right now Telepathy lacks such support (OTR and ZRTP). Nokia used to be the sponsor for Telepathy development (through Collabora?) but they stopped, since they abandoned Linux development. Right now secure and feature rich mobile IM clients are lacking. Jitsi is catching up, but it's written in Java and isn't the best candidate for Sailfish. Having a native client would be much better.


* Support for LDAP address books in the e-mail client.

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@ shmerl

I've had a chat with Jalyst and concerns were discussed about blowing out the existing lists with info to the point where it may become too difficult to manage and/or collate specific info.

We though breaking it down into h/ware, os and applications might make it more manageable and allow for more concise and specific lists to be formed that would then make it easier to relate to jolla on a more formal basis?

Functionality is entirely dependent on hardware, against which the OS can then implement operability. I would suggest that, on this basis, it goes into THIS thread?

If application stuff from the original questions list isn't mentioned here directly, feel free to drag it across. we can tidy up as we go!
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OK, I guess some functionality can be applications related, while some can be hardware related. It's not always clearly delineated. So this thread is more like "what else to port to Sailfish"?

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Originally Posted by shmerl View Post
So this thread is more like "what else to port to Sailfish"?
yeah lol.

Will make a 2nd list in the OP for functionality and we can clean/merge later.
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I would add full IM capabilites. Not only WhatsApp or Skype, but everything: GTalk, AIM, Yahoo, Facebook chat, etc.

If it can't be fully integrated to Telepathy (I'm assuming they're using that) at least they should do a *very gorgeous* port of pidgin.

And if they want to sell the phones they would need to attract regular users with also gorgeous native clients for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Support Yappari (a Whatsapp client for the N900 only) - Donate

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Here was our PM exchange (will delete this post later):

Originally Posted by onethreealpha
Originally Posted by jalyst
Originally Posted by onethreealpha
Originally Posted by jalyst
Originally Posted by onethreealpha
the jolla team (as I'm sure you are aware) have previously asked via twitter and during the JollaLoveday announcement for community input regarding the sort of apps and functionality we want to see.
I'm not inclined to start another thread for the hell of it, but it would seem logical to do so, if only to make it easier to aggregate a concise list and make it easier to relay to them in a more formal manner at some later point.
Let me know your thoughts.
i don't want to clog the questions, ideas, concerns thread with this stuff.

Perhaps we should tease-it-out into 3 GDocs now:
*Hw/Sw Questions
(most of which they're likely to never answer, until they're ready to make public announcements)

The thread was meant to be mainly for discussing content that may go into the docs or is already there, what should be added, removed, or moved elsewhere once there's more public info etc.
Might be the way to go.

How about I start a "Applications you'd like to see on SailfishOS" thread to get us going, and if we want to, we can ask the Mods to merge it into one of the others later?
Sure, I can amend the title of the current main thread to reflect the 3 main categories/docs, & then later we can ask mods to merge your new thread into it. Just give me a chance to have the "ideas/suggestions" doc ready so you can link to it from your 1st post.
Okey dokey.
let me know if you need any help with the Gdoc stuff.
Flat out today, hopefully I should have time tomorrow...
Was having 2nd thoughts in merging all 3 threads, might be better to keep them separate but share the same grouping of gdocs.


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Spotify, grooveshark, Skype, flash plugin for browser, stock quote.
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native email client that can work almost as the same as Outlook; for example..
1. setting up default fonts+signature,
2. out of office auto reply,
3. threaded email conversation as an option
4. global address resolution per mailbox, regardless the default calendar/contacts

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applications, fm transmiter, infrared led, sailfish

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