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Thanks to every single person who contribute to maemo/MeeGo community. Thank you for creating these amazing device that no one can forget, bringing dreams of true mobile computing to the real world.

Thank you Sotiris and all Maemo/MeeGo team for what they created and for not giving up, the spirit will go on and on.

Good luck for whichever things you wanted to do in future.

greets from Malaysia.

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BTW it's spelled Makrygiannis.
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There are no words to thank you enough for such great devices. I guess everyone here said everything it could be said. It's a real shame things had to be this way.

As once already said, we salute you! Greets from Brazil.

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the meego team should take a bow, they really put a lot of people in there places when they said the n9 would never be released, when people said pr1.3 would never come, as they said 3 major releases in 9 months.

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It's hard for many to understand now, especially here in the US... but being part of Nokia's Maemo effort was just amazing. Long working hours, frustrating limits, low resources-- but sooo much promise and hope.

I regret this sad outcome, but I don't regret a minute supporting the products. Thanks Maemo team for your awesome work and for allowing me to be a small part of it. I hope it doesn't truly end here.

EDIT: I added my little part of the story
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kiitoksia! thanks to the meego team
you presented us with a living example of a perfect
phone and OS.

it gives all the competition out there a run for their money
and it remains far ahead.

my n9 is beeing treated like a golden egg, knowing its the last of its kind.

i salute you

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Thank you for your great work. I hope you keep pursuing the same goals and that people who you work for with will understand the value better. Thanks for ending with a bang. N9 is the best smartphone there is and showing what a huge mistake Nokia made by abandoning Linux.

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thank you, thank you and thank you
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Thank you Sotiris and all Maemo/MeeGo team for giving us so many emotions! Thank you.
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Thanks to you and all the Maemo/MeeGo team

ευχαριστώ πολύ

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specc is the, troll ericsson

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