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I have been experiencing problems with my phone recently (Fairphone 2 running the latest SFOS, where the CPU usage is reasonably low, there is plenty of spare RAM, no swap is in use, and yet the phone is very sluggish and the load average is about 11.

Increasingly, sailfish refuses to start new apps, and I even got to the stage where the fingerterm session I started straight after booting became useless because any command would result in the message "bash: fork: resource temporarily unavailable".

At first I thought the new apps were being OOM killed, but as I said there is plenty of free memory (more than 0.5GB). I noticed in the journal that there are lots of messages about CardDAV sync attempts failing, even though I deleted my caldav & carddav account using the GUI.

I think maybe these carddav sync attempts (which shouldn't be happening at all since I don't have any carddav accounts any more) are resulting in multiple processes that never get killed and fill up the max number of allowable processes, hence the "resource temporarily unavailable" message in bash.

Does anyone know how to clean up whatever is prompting the attempt to sync the old accounts?

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