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Though I'm not personally using Sailfish right now, some of the stuff I do still has meaning in that area. One such example is literm, a fork of fingerterm adding desktop support and other useful bits and pieces to fingerterm, the terminal emulator used on Sailfish OS.

Current new features:
  • Separate desktop UI (mobile UI is still intact)
  • Rewritten terminal rendering using QtQuick directly to improve performance
  • 24bit color support
  • Improved escape sequence compatibility
  • Improved parsing performance
  • Support underlined, italic and blinking text attributes
  • Support bracketed paste mode (used by zsh and others)
  • Support scroll in alternate screen mode applications (by sending cursor key escapes)
  • Possibly more I'm forgetting...

There's still probably a lot to do. My focus for now is primarily on the desktop UI, but any core improvements (like text attributes and 24 bit color) will also benefit the mobile UI.

Pull requests are more than welcome.
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