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My vote would be for TheKit's solution since most of my use of alt and ctrl is for irssi - alt/ctrl+n/p

I'd also make < and > map to SYM(alt)+, and . keeping the ; and : as labeled on the keyboard.

Definitely also need \ ~ | somewhere.

I was also thinking maybe OK could be a right-shift, you know to shift the stuff on the left half of the keyboard more easily.

With the ALT mapped, we don't really need a seperate key mapped for '\', - for e.g. we could make it alt+L to put it near the normal US placement.

just my $0.02.

This is the greatest thing since the N900 folks. TheKit is one of my heroes. <3

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Originally Posted by TheKit View Post
Quick question. In the next build I want to remap some keys in kernel, to avoid editing xkb files. Do you think it's a good idea to make Caps Lock => Shift and Shift => Ctrl, or this will cause unneeded confusion?

SYM is going to be Left Alt (needed to allow layout switching combinations, for example). What would be the good use for OK? Currently I have it as \ and | key on my device, which is useful in terminal.
This thread may be of interest. It provides details on how the keys are mapped in mainline Linux.

P.S. I got myself a Droid 4, but not for Sailfish nor Android
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