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Originally Posted by asidana View Post
i think if you registered your number with a different phone before you get messages regarding to it.

i might be wrong
I used to have E51 before this. The email from Nokia says specifically "update your N900 device". Shouldn't it say E51 device in that case?
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The thread "New FW update available... or perhaps not!" with twenty-five posts has been merged into this thread.
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I've receveid the SMS too, as you can see in the screenshot:

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It is in brazilian portuguese, but it means "There was a new software available for your Nokia N900. Update and enjoy the new functions. Access from PC,br/softwareupdate"

Obviously is a message sended with a huge delay.
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I got this email as well talking about a update to my n900. I'm not sure if they're lagged, or if Nokia has just gotten tired about telling people "this bug was fixed in the update, go get it". So they send the email out so everyone not tech savy who has this phone(but actually shouldn't have this phone) understands to update it.

There's people who just want a flashy phone, but I bet have never even connected the phone to the net..
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I got the same SMS today:
"New software is available for your Nokia N900. To update and enjoy great new features go to on your PC"
No sign of any update though.

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