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Originally Posted by amarjyoti View Post
i got this SMS today. What is this all about?
Probably a software update for your old Nokia phone, what device did you have before the N900?
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Probably from old phone... and you probably signed up for it.
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I received the same today and when I went to the nokia usa site the N900 is not even listed as a compatible device for the the software updater. The N900 is my first Nokia device.
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I had an iphone before this. My last Nokia was ages ago.. A Nokia 6600..
I don't even think I ever registered it with my US number.
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well if it came as as text messages then it most likely cannot be for the n900 because they have no way of knowing your number, they can only send updates through data. Just open the link and see what the upgrade is for...has to be for a phone you signed up with
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Is there a new update available or not? The reason I'm asking this is because I got an email from My Nokia yesterday saying that there's an update available to my N900. Today I got a sms message from Nokia saying the same thing. Still I can't find such from anywhere. Not even a word about it in either. I haven't tried pc updater though.

Is Nokia just so slow on everything as usual that they're actually informing me about the pr1.1 update that already got released almost two weeks ago? I didn't get any notifications from Nokia then.

Or is Nokia just teasing me since in their email they're promising more functions and better performance. New update would have been exceptionally fast action from Nokia...
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Why not just go to the Application Manager on your N900, refresh for updates, and see what happens. If there's an update, then you've got it. If not, then not.
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Hi Nozu, I've received the same SMS this morning! I've been refreshing the update page of my application manager in my N900 for hours, but still nothing. Maybe it was just a joke, maybe they are releasing a minor update and actually you can download it only with NSU...
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I think it is just Nokia's poor logistics that inform you from that previous update. I think that their update news hasn't ever been on time.

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