Poll: Should Nokia Release 100% of the Source Code for Maemo 5/n900?
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Should Nokia Release 100% of the Source Code for Maemo 5/n900?

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Originally Posted by Stskeeps View Post
As a personal question to people here: Did you know that the e-mail client of Maemo5 is called Modest and is open source? Have you submitted any patches or contributed to it? That the RSS reader is open source? That Marbles, Chess and Mahjong games are open source? That the PDF reader is? That the X-terminal is? That the Hildon Desktop is?
First let me make clear I agree with your general point.

Personally I don't use Modest, RSS, Marbles, Chess or Mahjong. PDF reader seems usable except when it fails to display a file entirely, and the X-terminal is quite good although a bit slow. Modest is just the wrong style of email reader for me.

What I personally have wanted to address were video playback, GPS handling (including straight up bugs in Ovi Maps) and annoyances in the Wifi connection setup.

Maybe it's just unlucky that the things which I want to poke at are the closed ones.

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I hope they'll release as much as possible when they're "done" with Maemo. I don't believe 100% is possible though (due to who knows what evil IP issues).

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