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I just found out the meaning (or one meaning) of the
pattern, which I have set to yellow a long time ago.
Yesterday, when I received my first GTalk video chat call, that yellow pattern started to flash!
So at least GTalk video chat fires PatternCommonNotification.

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Just in case someone is interested in having simple visuals for SMS, Call and E-mail that don't stand out too much:
PatternCommunicationCall=30;1;0;bG;9d8002ff03ff02f f03ffe00440007f00e1000000;9d80e08002ff09ff7f007f00 7f00e00240000000
PatternCommunicationSMS=30;1;0;bRG;9d8002ff03ff02f f03ffe00440007f00e1000000;9d80e08002ff09ff7f007f00 7f00e00240000000
PatternCommunicationEmail=30;1;0;bR;9d8002ff03ff02 ff03ffe00440007f00e1000000;9d80e08002ff09ff7f007f0 07f00e00240000000

All have two fast blue flashes (like normal info on those) plus distinctive colour for each - this makes it easy to tell if there is just e-mail or important sms/call that requires attention. Nice to have on meetings where unnecessary juggling with phone is awkward.

E-mail is blueblue-red
SMS blueblue-"yellow"
Call is blueblue-red

Alter colours as you find appropriate.

edit: Some odd spaces in the middle, remove all.
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I use WHITE<->RED alternating on infinite for SMS, WHITE<->BLUE alternating on infinite for emails and WHITE<->PINK alternating on infinite for IM. Works good.

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Could someone help me a bit? I have been trying to study those led patterns, but I happen to be too stupid to fully understand. I have managed to change the notification led colors to little bit Jolla-like way:
- for missed calls green led blinking (default pattern)
- for SMS/IM blue led blinking (default pattern)
- for email white led blinking (default pattern)
- those above override "battery charging" and "battery full" leds which are otherwise default

Now I'd like to change the led blinking pattern for missed call/sms/im to little bit more frequent. I feel the default blink (2 short blinks, then longer pause) a bit too slow. When I pick my phone from pocket to give it a glimpse to ensure that I haven't missed anything important, I have to watch the led for few seconds (which is too long time ) to be sure. I'm not looking anything too fancy; no police siren type patterns or even breathing leds. Just some boring once-per-second blinking or so. How to do that?

At the moment my patterns are default (apart from the colors), so they should be like given here:

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Infinity blink
PatternCommunicationCall=0;5;0;b;9d804000670067004 0ff330033000000;9d800000

Change both 67 for led 'off' state, and both 33 for led 'on' state. Faster blinking with longer flash:
PatternCommunicationCall=0;5;0;b;9d804000550055004 0ff450045000000;9d800000

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Originally Posted by ontime View Post
Infinity blink
PatternCommunicationCall=0;5;0;b;9d804000670067004 0ff330033000000;9d800000
Thanks! I still have no idea what I'm doing, but this fits to my needs.

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