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According to Neo900 website :

We're going to publish full documentation and schematics for the device.
Not a single line of closed code will have to run on main CPU to be able to use the Neo900. With an exception to 3D acceleration, which is not necessary to operate the device, FLOSS Linux drivers will be available for every single component.
Let me dream a lot... If every piece of hardware is well documented enough, would it be possible (I mean : more than "theorically" possible) somebody ports OpenBSD on it ?

Some TI SoC such as Beagleboards are already supported, and I'm sure more than one guy on earth would love to get an OpenBSD phone.
Since I don't have enough knowledge to estimate if what I say is totally crazy or could be possible, I have some questions :

- Will every piece of hardware of Neo900 be well documented enough ?
(I know every driver will be open-source but it's not necessary "enough" since they can still be flawed, and open-source drivers on undocumented hardware are close to impossible to debug... An accurate definition of interfaces of each component would be mandatory)

- Has Joerg (or anybody personnaly involved in Neo900) already had a contact with OpenBSD team ?

Would be awesome to combine a device thinked for security and privacy (hardware isolation, etc.) with an OS renowned for its efficiency in this field !

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