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Hey guys!

I know there's tons of posts about this already, but those I read didn't give me the hints I'm looking for. Also, many threads are stone old and I wonder if thy are up to date.

I've been experimenting mith sixaxis controllers and bluetooth keyboards on the N900 with quite a degree of success. Not completely, though. Since I didn't manage to connect two PS3 controllers at the same time, I tried two keyboards. They both connect fine, and can be used simultaneously.

#1: 1byone 10" with PC Layout and touchpad
#2: JAMMYLIZARD Android Layout for Galaxy Tab 2 7"

The thing is, when it comes to games, the 1byone acts weird. The touchpad works, but the keys don't. Writing notes and typing in Xterm is no problem. So I find myself in the funny situation to use the 1byone for the mouse pointer and the JAMMYLIZARD for the keys when I play games. Right now I'm using ScummVM like that.

I don't know why the JAMMYLIZARD works and the 1byone doesn't. I already adjusted the layout in the settings menu, but it didn't help.

By the way - to all the gamers: I attached a 7" TFT monitor to the TV-out. Makes the N900 even more a gaming console - still portable!
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