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Originally Posted by IWantToMarryTheN900 View Post
Why doesn't Nokia release a sleeve for the N900 like the one that came with the N810? I loved that sleeve, it looked cool and really protected the device. C'mon Nokia!
Right now, I think their focus is on releasing the device. Sleeves will come later.
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True Kathy! But the N810 sleeves came in the retail box - they should have done the same with the N900.
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im going to get a Noreve case when it comes out
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I found this one , which is exactly what I want, but it's too small for the N900 :-(. Does anyone know a shop with similar pouches?
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Originally Posted by Flyser View Post
I found this one , which is exactly what I want, but it's too small for the N900 :-(. Does anyone know a shop with similar pouches?
With a name like handjack and product image like :

you'd think those aren't for your gadgets
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multi-functional pouch :-)

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I just ordered this rubberized skin to hold me over till a good one like the one I have from bodyglove for my G1 comes out. It was only 4 bucks shipped so if its terrible no big deal.

And ordered this leather case which I think will work even with my skin on. It has a Magnetic closure but I guess that is OK since the N900 has no compass. 8 bucks delivered.

I was going to wait to buy the N900 till after the phone was out awhile so there would be more choices for cases, skins etc but $480.00 delivered from dell was too low to pass up.
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Originally Posted by Pedrolot View Post
CP-321 in White (alittle Contrast) with those Duratec Highfinish screen protectors...

I already have the screen's...
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Originally Posted by R-R View Post
I know only dev versions of the device are out but from what i see in the specs this time around we do not get a pouch...

So I'm starting this thread to see where people spot the various boxwave / invisibleshield / ... screen protectors.

Also, considering this is costing a lot, a good case would be an interesting thing to find / add to your pocket mix (One that doesn't hamper phone use this time around).
Yeah you would think being Nokia's flagship device they would include a pouch.
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