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Aside from this....
The ThemeChanger dev did a comprehensive write-up on how to best utilize it & then package everything
He mentioned that he emailed this to the author of the icon set a few days ago.
So just putting this here for others that may be interested.
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Even though, i was too n00bish to fully understand that tutorial, it did help a bit, so i will add it to the first post, the think i didnt get from there was how to actually build the tar file, maybe i missed something
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What i've done with my theme is made a script that replaces .desktop files which point icons to my themes folder. Although I'm unaware of a way to do this in an application, it's doable and not too hard with a shell script (see my script here )

it is unfortunate that application icons are all over the place, but as long as you have a copy of the original .desktop file it's not hard to do.
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Well first of all I really like the original that NovaG did and like to thank him a bunch for it, but since I really like brutal minimalism I did some changes. And also added a bunch new ones..

The sad thing is that I don't have a clue how to make a seperate theme package and all the new ones I did is in like 100 different places in the filesystem, why is it like this why can't all developers put their icons in usr/share/icons?? Well I'm going to make more icons for more apps so if someone who knows of to make a package of them fell free to help me

In a day or two I will have all the ones on my device covered and will uppload them here..

For know my ready ones is

maemo forum
meego forum
gpodder (will be better)
... and like 30 more..

Some of the icons are completly made by me, thou most of them are borrowed and edited from Moblin and from NovaG's Metro.

And one question that is a little of topic, someone here who knows where I can find the file that holds fontsettings for clock/date in the eventscreen and appnames in appscreen??

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The font settings would be in the css file i would imagine.

If anyone like robotnO wants to make a child (branched out from the original) theme, i am all for it and i can build it for them on the OBS.

Just send me a PM with the source and your name and email and i will make a deb file for you and write your name as the author

Feel free to use the other icons i have made

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Looks good , thanks
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The author, I need to contact you. Please contact me soon.
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