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Originally Posted by bugelrex View Post
Why isn't N9 marketed?
There ya go, fixd.
N900: One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

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Because the N9 is not marketed at all.

In fact, it's being ant-marketed: that is, Elop is doing everything possible and impossible to make sure the N9 fails.

I'm sure Elop wouldn't be above shipping a turd in every N9 package alongside the phone if only that would help him discourage people from buying the N9. (Thankfully I don't think decisions like these are in his power.)
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Originally Posted by mikecomputing View Post
LOL thing is they are now in bed with Microsoft. Microsoft likes facebook and soon Skype is integrated on fb.

So my guess is symbian/harmattan will have good support for Faceshit and Skype and not so good for google+/GTalk in the longer run..

Thats one of the reason I push my friends from fb and to Google+ instead
That's applicable only for WP7, not Maemo.
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hey now, go easy on nokia. they are just learning this whole "marketing" thing.
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Because Facebook is useless and Nokia wants poeple to meet face to face.
yeah right,,, just like they did in stone age, right!
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Why would I want a phone that is marketed for facebook.
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Originally Posted by mrwormp View Post
Why would I want a phone that is marketed for facebook.
Because if it doesn't sell well, the phone and OS will not get much support. Huge sales = average joe.

Why else would "average joe" consumer pick N9 over iphone,Android,Blackberry?. The mass consumers (500M facebook users) care deeply about facebook (dont ask me why).

just having a "FB" button that launches an FB app is not good enough. N9 appears to have deep intgration and easily accessible. This is the only way to have joe consumer ignore 1M apps in an appstore...

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