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Today, while in the shower, l was thinking: Nokia has put quite a bit of N950 info under NDA, which means it won't get posted here. Now, if you were under NDA, and were going to try to get information out there /without getting caught/, what would you do?
The answer: Pastebin it, through a proxy.
Now, someone else will find and post it, which seriously reduces your chances of being caught.

And it seems I was right - Lots of info on pastebin(though what's restricted, I don't know):

N950 release notes:
Interesting conversation:

I suspect that we should keep a watch on this(and other) pastebin sites, and see what comes up. We just might find a juicy tidbit after all!
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#2 posted on the 13th september 2010. Found it while googling for aegis on the 21st june. This is of course very boring, even more now, but this paste is from a time where nobody outside of Nokia had an N950, so I believe some Nokian pasted this...
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Originally Posted by RobbieThe1st View Post
N950 release notes:
That's just a copy of (the text linked in)

Interesting conversation:
What makes that interesting? The subject matter is ancient history and settled.
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Depending on what you want to know about the N950, why not just use one from the Nokia Remote Device Access service?

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