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I'll like to know if you agree with me that i think there's something missing in the N9 (MeeGo / Harmattan) phone that makes me not to like it to much at first sight.
  • Personalization : What i love about my 4 N900 desktops is how i can personalize them.
  • Widgets: There is much important information for some people besides social networks, sms and call logs. Like Stocks, Sports results, etc.
  • Voice dialing: I miss so much this from my old N95 I wish this option can come back.
  • Contacts shortcuts.

This is what i have in mind for now, what do you think?

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missing a release date, price, and confirmation of availability in my country. importing electronics sucks.

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What do I think?
I think it's awesome that people are already dissatisfied with a product that until recently, we didn't even know for sure that we were ever going to get
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it looks really fast and the ui is amazing but ...what about the games???....what kind of games can i play in the n9??? not talking about angry talking about hd graphics games...nova 2???gt racing?? many hd quality games are going to be aviable for the n9??i think there wont be much quality games...even with 1ghz and 1 gb ram the power sgx 530 cant handle hd quality games ....i think that is missing a powerful hardware for games...i hope i could be wrong...i hope
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Qt for WP7.

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Keyboard, Adobe Flash (very useful for a lot of stuff, not just videos and games), a desktop, FM transmitter.
I am also curious if Skype is still going to be integrated the same way as it is now, and if it can make video calls.

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xenon flash.

adobe flash video.

whatsapp <-- not that i like it but its main app over here.

a hardware keyboard.

fm transmiter.
1080p video but 720p is fine.

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no flash = no good porn

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this thread is pointless until someone in TMO gets their grubby little paws on one and figures out what is what. i have a feeling that the system is more open and customizable than a lot of people think....
Want to browse streamlined versions of websites automatically when in 2g? Vote for this brainstorm.

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One Reason:

Will maemo6 (harmattan) BASH WP7? WP7 bytes dem Staub "To be continued"

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More coming soon

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impending doom

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