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Damn, I hoped for it after the above message.
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I have't found any way that I can see my twitter user lists in tweetian; I presume therefore that they're not supported?

Thanks for this great app, it almost makes me think of the wonderful Gravity on symbian (miss that lots, but my N95 I ran it on is so dead battery-connection wise and going back to numeric-keypad only would be a bit painful)
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Originally Posted by jgbreezer View Post
I have't found any way that I can see my twitter user lists in tweetian; I presume therefore that they're not supported?
Go to your profile page (the 2nd button from the right on the bottom toolbar... the little "head and shoulders"), it's all in there.
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Today i started to getting an error: When i try to look at someone profile (even my own profile) an error occured: Error (403: Frobidden). Anything about that?
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A bug report: streaming doesn't work anymore. Never.
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my own profile works but others have stopped working

Probably it's a simple thing (e.g. a changed request), does somebody know more?
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There was a comment on twitter from Dickson saying he was no longer maintaining tweetian......
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A tweet from dickson
Since there are still surprisingly amount of Tweetian users, I releasing the last update to fix the 403 error

Alas its the last version
Hope someone takes it to the next level
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no update for the n900? time to get a new phone?
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Ok, here's little bit of history of Tweetian: When I start develop Tweetian, I just do it for fun and practicing. I never expect that Tweetian will get so many users. That's why I release it as free (and open source after that), because it is a spare time project and I never plan to monetize and maintain it.

My programming skill (especially C++) is extremely low when I start develop Tweetian (I'm just a student who knew a little bit of Java). So at that stage the code is very poorly written (and hard to maintain).

Slowly when I developed Tweetian my knowledge and skill is improved, until a stage where I realise the code for Tweetian to too poor written and very hard to maintain. So I stopped developed new feature for it and only give a passive support (for API changes).

Why don't I do a rewrite then? Because it is too hard. I takes ~3 months to release a pre-release version and maybe half year for to get it submitted to Nokia Store.

I really happy that there are so many Tweetian users (mainly because it is free?). However, I'm still a student. I develop Tweetian just for interest and never for money. The "responsibility" for me to continue maintain it is too heavy because it has so many users, while I get very less incentive in return.

TL;DR I developed apps just for fun and interest. I never expect to have such heavy responsibility to maintain it after I no longer interested in it (because it is getting hard to maintain). You can say I'm irresponsibility, but remember that I didn't earn any money for all the apps I developed.

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