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WorldTV99 allows one to see TVs all over the world, live streaming. Actual screenshots are on this thread #93,, #93. Best channels will be listed on thread #94, on and off. Some channels now has subtitles, just in case you dont speak their language. Most of the subtitles are Spanish. Why? Are you asking me? Please, please, if you like it, post your best channels. You can use straight media player, that is fine. kmplayer is the recommended player. 770 may use mplayer or media player with some inconvenience.

cd /path (path where you dl the WorldTV99.m3u.txt to)
cp WorldTV99.m3u.txt /path/WorldTV99.m3u

Finally, these are copy sources from many people, the biggest contributor, Ism, He is the one who assembled the MusicTV playlist. And also ch8xy. Please thank them, I just gather the newsTV from the forum and put it all together.
Of course, do not forget the Video Center, another TV viewing pleasure,

Thanks for ch8xy/Ism/unique311 excellent post. I am going to check on unique311/Ism's stuff, may take another week. Credits:Asgari's note for the mms sources made this happen, and Ism's enthusiam also made this happen.

Sample screen shot is from TV Argentina, more screenshots here,, thread #93

Edit: 7/9/8: 30 stunning beautiful canadian channels added and a brand new arrangement of channels. Channels are now arranged geographically, not by language any more. So Chile will be under C and Brazil will be under B so and so forth. And much more streamlining on channels. Enjoy,

I use emelfm2 to do the modification,
added the following to the bottom of the file, mplayer.conf
This increases vol and better AudioVisual de-sync.
This is similar contents to version 1 of WorldTV99 but with the addition of 30 canadian channels, from Vancouver to Yukon. I can assure you, you have NOT seen any streaming channel, paid or nonpaid, that rivals the CBC, they just hit the nail to the head! Bravo! even CBS Katie Couric or HAVA (a paid TV streaming service) will have to yield.

Edit: 7/12/08

See new thread,, now WorldTV99 has a green install button,



Note: This works excellent on N8x0. Please see this, thread #1 and #10. For 770 use, bottomline, does not work well.
2.2007.51-3 MMC boot N800
4.2008.23-14 mmc boot N810
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File Type: txt WorldTV99_9.1.m3u.txt (17.5 KB, 4818 views)

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I just follow my own instruction and dl the file and it works on first try . Enjoy,

Another thing about kmplayer. With media player, when in full screen mode, the mode one enjoy most of the TV stations, you have NO control of changing TV stations. You would have to go back to small screen in order to change stations. With kmplayer, one can kind of manipulate via the Dpad without having to go back and forth with full screen and small screen. Anybody has any tricks to get around this?


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where do i download the 93tv4it.m3u.txt file?
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never mind....
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Which one is the fox news station? I can't find it.
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Looking for Seinfeld, right? I am watching it now, right on my tablet. BTW, I do have a 128 inch giant screen, but I still watching on the NIT, because one can take Seinfeld to bed and that is what it counts. Fox is Channel 18 if count from top to bottom, or right after Chile. You have to switch to mplayer to play it. All the rest TVs are played with media player/osso media server. Except the Fox, you have to switch to mplayer. It does NOT give any error message, it just dead.

You can easily find this with kmplayer, just look at the screen description, 'use mplayer', that is the Fox station. With media player, click 17 from the top, dont laugh, it works, kind of like feeling your way in the dark. Oh, sure, one can use mplayer for all the TV stations, it works. I think the media player is more smooth when going from one station to another.


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Where do you download the 93TV4IT file? I can't see it anywhere... Thanks
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It's attached to the first post.
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They're maemo and MeeGo...

"Meamo!" sounds like what Zorro would say to catherine zeta jones... after she slaps him for looking at her dirtily...

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Thanks... now I see it.
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I must be really dumb...but I cant figure out how to remove the .txt from the end of the m3u file after it is downloaded...please help if you can.


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