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This needs a major updating by one of the mods, no time lately, alas...

Welcome to Internet Tablet Talk (soon to become!

This is the right place for you to share questions, answers and any thoughts relating to the Maemo operating system, applications, devices and community. Discussions about alternatives and competitors are welcome too, and there is even a place for off-topic posts.

Follow these basic rules and you will get more readers and better answers.

Search before posting
Probably someone has been faster than you.

Find the right forum
To make your thread most visible.

Some tips:
  • The General forum is only for those topics that don't really fit in any other. Choose it in case of doubt.
  • All the applications (including the problems you might have with them) are discussed under the Software forums.
  • OS2008 is the operating system for the N810 and N800.
  • OS2006 is the operating system for the 770.
  • The Devices section is for hardware related topics only, including the Maemo related devices you want to buy or sell.

Get also familiar with the rest of
  • is the right place to find interesting software for your device.
  • allows you to follow and rate the most relevant news.
  • contains lots of tips, tricks and documentation. You can edit and improve any page.
  • is the best channel to report bugs and vote for existing bugs and enhancements. Also see the Maemo Bug Jars.

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