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From bestbuy seems like they only have 2 sim cards and the h20 stopped using the n900?
t-mobile from their website seems like they only offer monthly charges and i wont something i can use when i use the phone, what sim card do you use for your Nokia N900 in the US?
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T-mobile :-).

Since N900 supports their 3G AWS Band.
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You can also try Simple Mobile, which is what I use. From what I understand Simple Mobile it is an MVNO which is using T-Mobile to provide you with mobile phone / data services for a flat rate. So far I am happy with Simple Mobile. I have been using AT&T with my Nokia E71 but the N900 does not support AT&T's 3.5G frequencies thus it only works at 2.5G speeds. So I got a separate Simple Mobile account for my N900 at the moment.
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I use T-Mobile pay-as-you-go. I put $50 on it in September and didn't have to refill it until early December. I got about 85 days out of $50. The downside is I don't use data. But the upside is I don't pay for it, either.
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"I use T-Mobile pay-as-you-go. I put $50 on it in September and didn't have to refill it until early December. I got about 85 days out of $50. The downside is I don't use data. But the upside is I don't pay for it, either."

Once you top up additional $50 (min for gold prepaid is $100), your expiry date will be 1 year for every refill (even if its only 10 dollars).
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i use tmo, but because i have 5 lines and it is cheaper then the simple mobile with thaty many lines.

simple mobile is a MVNO that originally wanted to go to ATT with thier product offering but was goosed by ATT...then TMo pushed them away only to call them back 8 months later and then offer their full use of network as if they were going to loose customers, better to get some revenue.

simple mobile is a great solution that will give you full access to the 3.5g network (what they are calling 4g here)

those are the only 2 that will allow the high speed packet data +.

all the other networks will allow you to access thier 2/2.5/2.75g networks.

for 1 line, at $60/mo unlimited...pretty great deal.
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Originally Posted by Descalzo View Post
I use T-Mobile pay-as-you-go. I put $50 on it in September and didn't have to refill it until early December. I got about 85 days out of $50. The downside is I don't use data. But the upside is I don't pay for it, either.

How do you get that option? By only buying
T-Mobile® Prepaid SIM Card Activation Kit on their website? Google voice resolves texting freely, however gizmodo call quality usually bad and GV still doesnt have backend to skype. I am not sure what other quality sip providers exist in the US. As an alternative I will look into these cheap pay-as-go voice plans.
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As I understand it, Simple Mobile doesn't allow roaming onto AT&T's network, so if you leave T-Mobile's coverage area, you're completely out of luck.

(My N900 uses an AT&T Go Phone SIM for reasons of no T-Mobile coverage in my area.)
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im currently in aspect of purchasing two of these phones, with two questions, one of which i figured would be appropriate here, which is:

can anyone / someone confirm whether or not the Nokia N900 will support At&t GoPhone Service? before i spend a good amount of cash on these phones.

this phone seems to be my dream-come-true and ultimate phone OS solution. (as i have yet to EVER have ever been able to find a phone with a quality OS, that hasnt pissed me off in at least ONE way or another--in many cases more.

ive always just had to SETTLE on a choice in one aspect or another. and everything i see about this phone, seems far too powerful for a cellphone to be capable of!! (sweeeeet!! lol) --even if not for all the awesome features, and ONLY accredited for the linux programming capabilities ALONE, that takes the cake!

even if i cant get gophone service on this beast, -- hell or even service at all! lol -- im nearly positive ill be acquiring more than one, even just for wireless capabilities.

-- their prepaid service is 3g, and i get unlimited talk, text & web, all for $50.00 USD /per 30 days.

just to note-- i think gophone is the most reasonable unlimited prepaid option available, comparing to my last carrier, Walmart/Tracphone's StraightTalk, with the same service plan (unlimited talk text web), for $5 cheaper.
out of their crap (imo) phones available, you can chose a gsm phone, which results in 'piggy-backing' on the same At&t towers too, so the service should be close the same, quality-wise... but its not --AND their web filters through a non-customizable homepage setting, with THEIR pre-chosen links, etc.. i REALLY cant STAND that ****.... -- but im getting off topic here..

// if i'm mistaken anywhere here feel free to correct me.. but im fairly certain of most of these facts--but also, its also just "last i knew" which was 4-5 months ago, when i left their service//

anyway, the simple point i wanted to make in all that above, is that i feel that paying $5 more for at&t's gophone service, is worth not dealing with straighttalk, (being the "cheapest" unlimited everything plan available, at $45 per 30days) straighttalk, from tracphone, still breaches the line of being the 7-eleven bought types of $10 phones, with crap OS's.

I was extremely IMPRESSED with the QUALITY of service that AT&T offers via their pre-paid plan, (especially where-as gophone IS offered at convienience stores, ur just obv not gona find any good phones in that scenario..) i always have 3g coverage, and its SOO MUCH FASTER than what i was used to with straighttalk... and that IS supposedly on the same towers!

most of the posts above were talking about t-mobile, but i havnt had t-mobile service since in about 7-8 years. so no comment on assumed comparison on which would be better for the n900

idk how i seem to drift off so much..sorry..... my intent is to only find an answer for my original question, which is simply: whether or not anyone can confirm for me if the N900 supports at&t's gophone service, or vise-versa?

Thanks for reading... and if anyone has an answer for me, thanks ahead of time, i raeaalllly could use the answer to this question... (preferably and hopefully to be CONFIRMED by someone--so if anyone actually IS using gophone with the n900, please let me know.)

Thanks again everyone..

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I use T-mobile $50 unlimited everything plan (no contract)

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