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Originally Posted by psonek View Post
The N900 browser has quite simple solution. Trying to run modern browser will never work - the device does not have enough RAM and fast CPU for it.

But the solution is quite simple - use fast server to render pages for you. Did this myself with VNC....
Is 'Firefox Quantum' worth looking at?
It apparently reduces load on CPU; increasing the load on 'graphics'?

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Replying to an old thread, but hey anyone talking is a good thing right? after years of putting my N900 into the closet I decided to go back into it again.

I know you wont be able to get all those fancy today-era commercially supported apps but I don't honestly mind because with all the telemetry data gathering and all the privacy issues surrounding new mobile OSes and services I am glad to forego all the conveniences and go back to an era where the big guys hadn't even thought of the creepy things that they do these days.

In short I'm going to go back to it and see where it will take me. Haha

Besides if something is missing there is always a way to get it working on the N900 after all a bit of coding and tweaking here and there and I think it can be very useful in today's era

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Originally Posted by mike727 View Post
Is 'Firefox Quantum' worth looking at?
It apparently reduces load on CPU; increasing the load on 'graphics'?

For someone to answer the firefox quantum idea!!!!
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Accidentally made whole last week with N900, my phone was given to someone, and the delivery of Xperia X was delayed.

It is almost usable. Telegram worked with libpurple, Emails never had an issue with deprecation.

The issues for me were Whatsapp, Cutetube, and tons of javascripts in today's Internet, but the last one was somehow usable with Opera.

Keeping it as second phone.

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Originally Posted by Boemien View Post

For someone to answer the firefox quantum idea!!!!
Well, the speed improvements mainly come from GPU offloading and multithreading, so there's not much in it for us because the capabilities of our GPU are negligible and with a single core CPU there's no point in multithreading.

During the past two days I tried to backport the Debian Sid package of Firefox 57 to Jessie for Easy Debian, but there are a lot of obstacles along the way:
- a bunch of libs: easy
- clang: solved
- rust, cargo: probably solved
- slight incompatibilities in FF's python build scripts with Jessie: arguably handled
- FF dynamically changing its source code during the build process: maybe managable with tenacity

I finally gave up when I concluded that I would most likely need to backport g++ 6, which would be a hell of a lot of work, assuming that it would work at all. I highly doubt that it would, because it basically has the same prerequesites as glibc, whose incompatibility with the old Maemo kernel is the reason why I can't upgrade Easy Debian beyond Jessie.

I'm not saying that FF 57 is impossible to port to the N900 (with or without an inter layer like ED), but it's certainly not withing my skill set of mainly backporting Debian packages.

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Originally Posted by sulu View Post
Not gonna happen.

Antix (like Kali) is just another Debian derivative. It might have a very performance-saving pre-selection of packages, but there's nothing you can do with Antix that you couldn't do with a custom Debian setup (which ED has always been). So where Debian fails, Antix will fail.
Also, Antix only releases for the x86 architectures.

The reason why I haven't released an Easy Debian Stretch image is because Stretch comes with glibc 2.24 and this glibc hard-requires a recent(ish) kernel. Maemo's 2.6 kernel certainly doesn't do it anymore, even with tweaks. [1]

So unless someone gets a recent glibc-compatible kernel running for Maemo, there will be no updated chroots.

There might be a remote chance of setting up a chroot that is not based on glibc but on musl, because afaik musl still supports 2.6 kernels.
This however won't be practicable with typical desktop distributions like Debian, but would likely be done on top of some embedded distro like openwrt or Alpine.
I'm not familiar with those, so I don't know how hard it would be to equip them with an xserver and a browser.

Other than that I suggest you try to sort out the problems in netsurf on Maemo [2] if you want a recent browser.

Another way out of this dilemma would be if someone worked out what difference between glibc 2.23 and 2.24 [3] is responsible for the latter no longer working on ancient kernels and patched that back into 2.24 while keeping the added functionality of 2.24 over 2.23.
That someone is certainly not me.

The Fremantle Porting Task Force is making progress with running newer kernel (4.6?) on Nokia N900. Which would mean newer glibc, and make updating chroots possible?

I am also curious about running Netsurf on Maemo, thank you. But it seems to be in early alpha stage.

Originally Posted by wicket View Post
A website that doesn't use JavaScript to automatically call which helps Google to track visitors.

Very ironic. Thankfully I have a browser plugin which protected me.
Browser plugin is likely the best answer to modern huge and slow websites. That, or https-compatible trusted proxy. Or ssh -X onto a Linux server.

Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
Talking about irony, take care of what your plugins (like "web of trust"...) may be leaking too :
Amusing. I tend to not install plugins until I know exactly what they do. I don't install plugins just for beautiful words such as "Web of Trust".

Originally Posted by DDark View Post
Accidentally made whole last week with N900, my phone was given to someone, and the delivery of Xperia X was delayed.

It is almost usable. Telegram worked with libpurple, Emails never had an issue with deprecation.

The issues for me were Whatsapp, Cutetube, and tons of javascripts in today's Internet, but the last one was somehow usable with Opera.

Keeping it as second phone.
Tons of javascript may be a problem. Some of it may be solved by give-mee-no-ads-cli aka /etc/hosts adblocking . I am mostly using MicroB, sometimes (like 1%) Fennec 17.

Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
Exchange works for me but in somewhat curious way. It only syncs automatically when it first enters the peak period at 6am, and then only when the network changes, for example from WiFi to 3G or vice versa. If I stay on WiFi all day then the first sync at 6am remains the only one. A manual sync works any time.

I had a case of Maps not starting too. The cause was a missing file .qf in MyDocs root. I overzealously deleted it thinking I would not need it.
I switched from ActiveSync to IMAP for my outlook. Lately, my mail doesn't seem to work - probably taking up too much space on /home partition.

And yes, I couldn't understand .qf things too. My Maps are working. Probably didn't delete .qf file...

Originally Posted by endsormeans View Post
" and hope to have a solution for it's browsers in the near future. "

There are 5 options.

#2- Research and look at the effort it takes to build a browser...
If you think you can handle it ...go for it.

#3- Better still...
READ the helpful posts of those who have managed to make the browser slightly more functional....apply their wisdom and tweak what you have so that it gains a tiny bit more usability.

So ..choice is yours...

you can be reactive and you can wait and hope all you wish...

or you can be proactive and do something about it.
I like options #2 and #3.

Originally Posted by azkay View Post
How is lack of 4g a problem? It would only be a problem if 3g was shut down
3G Telstra network here is virtually useless for Nokia N900 because Telstra heavily relies on 3G 850MHz band, apparently.

Originally Posted by endsormeans View Post

Dillo and dooble are great....and for search there is the staid old..."Duck Duck Go"

Simple and clean.
Yes, I would love it if there was a simple and easy way to change MicroB's search from Google to DuckDuckGo or something else. Not just about:config setting, but image-icon, too.

And yes, I like http://****

Thank you. Best wishes.
Per aspera ad astra...

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Originally Posted by endsormeans View Post
The n900 running anything the n8x0 can?
Virtually all the work by penguinbait and qole ...
I suggest looking up exactly what the n8x0 managed to run ..
It is pretty impressive...and I never saw a minuscule fraction of any of it available for the n900.
And I seriously doubt it was due to lack of interest.

And that is just os-wise...

The work JUST those two did as well on alternate DE's and WM's for the n8x0 also is pretty impressive...
yet again ..I don't see the bulk of what they accomplished for the n8x0 ..available for the n900..

As far as applications go....
even something as mundane ...
(and as far as I feel ...SO needed...)..
I don't see an auto-updating auto-scrolling rss feed widget for the n900...
Or did I miss that?

Hell I don't see that for android or linux...
maybe I am not looking in the right places ...but I have yet to find anything on any other device than the n8x0's that offer that gem.

Or actual xmms .... which can handle 1000's and 1000's of songs in a playlist at a time...
that has a good list of plugins...
that has virtualization eye candy....
xmms can run on the n8x0...
why isn't it available for the n900?

sure we now have oscp for the n900 and n8x0...
which is much more well rounded than xmms...
But even still...why isn't there xmms for the n900 if it can run the same stuff the n8x0 can?

you would think from day 1 that THAT program would have been ported over ...or at least come stock...
BETTER..since the belief is that the n900 is such the up-tick in design and innovation over the n8x0.....the n900 should have come with or been ported xmms2 .....actually.

No I think ...when all is said and done...
If what the n8x0 ...( past tense as well...could , did...and still does) accomplish .....
it is a given then ....
with such certainty that the n900 is such a huge improvement and leap over the n8x0...
that if it were possible ...
it would have been almost immediately done ...and available for the n900 ....
So why not?

Is it that the same people who accomplished volumes for the n8x0 ...
and who also had the n900...
weren't interested in making the same things that the n8x0 available for the n900?
I find that hard to believe...

In short...
Precious little of what the n8x0 could accomplish made it's way to the n900.
Dig back ...and look enough and start writing down a list of the os's, de's, and wm's that folks got running on both the n900 and the n8x0 ...
and to my understanding ...on those 3 areas alone...
the n900 being slightly more updated ..with a little more ram ..
and the n900 being a physical "phone" as well ...
(and even then..sip and internet telephony and skype still work on the n8x0 ...)
all of which are outdated.

is all the n900 has going for it compared to the n8x0 ...
in 2017.
Lack of interest, or lack of developers... Either way, feel free to try and port anything and everything you want from N8x0 to N900. Yes, it would take dedication and focus.

I am not interested in alternative operating systems, desktop environments, or window managers; I am interested in apps, and ones well-integrated at that.

It's frustrating when "Where" field of a Calendar even isn't connected to Maps. It's annoying when "Artist" in Music Player, or "Creator" in Photo Gallery, isn't connected to Contacts.

It's terrible when I find it difficult, and nigh impossible, to see a Hildon (not Python, not Qt, not Gtk with its tiny buttons and menus) app for Maps, displaying streets and such as vectors (and buildings in 3D; and sky with up-to-date weather), and satellite or aerial as raster, at the same time, and capable of offline routing and turn-by-turn voice directions.

Yes, I ask for a lot. It may be daunting; it may be inspiring. I am not offended by Qt by itself, but I think that Qt belongs with a Qt-based environment, such as KDE. I have nothing against Python, but Modrana, much as I find it to be the most usable map (and not just on N900 - I haven't seen a better map app anywhere) atm, looks very different from the rest of the desktop environment. Mussorgsky, also written in python, looks very similar to Hildon apps, but has some quirks with displaying a list of objects; sometimes, instead of displaying "A B C", it shows "A A C" or "A C C".

I want a PDF viewer, simple and fast, which is written with Hildon, which can find text in pages, and which has a plugin for OCR recognition. Ideally, which can be used as PDF editor as well when needed - or, at least, to fill in forms.

I want to unite Notes and Sketch in one app - and yes, it would be challenging. I want for Sketch to be able to save SVG files (eraser could be "deleter of elements" in SVG mode, just like it is "deleter of pixels" in raster mode). I want for united app to be able to save HTML files which include raster images and vector images, besides text and bullet points (and tables), and to have a button calling forward the browser (much like Camera has the button for Photos). I want for Sketch to be able to open a jpg file and use it as a background layer for drawing (either raster or SVG) on top of it, and then either flatten the layers together into one raster image, or have the two layers saved in one html file.

I want a lot. I will hardly have time to do it myself. I can hope for developers to do it, but I don't expect them to make large steps. Just, if you can develop - do something, something you want to do; make time for it. And that's directed at myself, too - I did develop a few years ago, even though I am rusty.

Thank you. Best wishes.
Per aspera ad astra...

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