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Please can someone help me? My N9 camera is misbehaving after flashing the fone sometimes it just freezes at opening the camera app other times it opens with a split screen, and wen u try snapping a shot it also freezes.

The images also show distorting colors, it some times even go negative without setting it to(negative), then flips right back to its yellowish or purple coloured images. Please help!!!
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Posts: 44 | Thanked: 9 times | Joined on Apr 2013
Someone please help me!!!
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Same problem here, any solution, please, I reflash firmware , but camera has still same problem.
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I have same problem any solution? thedead1440 maybe? Type "camera-ui" and I got this
MApplicationService: registerService() registering failed
MApplicationService: calling launc() in other application with service ""

camera, flashing, misbehaving, nokia n9

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