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Originally Posted by Larswad View Post
You just don't get it, do you?
I usually help people out here without hesitation and many people here help me out as well when I'm in trouble. The difference is that before just throwing out a question, myself and most others realize that there is much more gain in trying with a qualified search here or in any of the search engines. There are hundreds of pages and threads that already answer your question in many detailed ways.
Your lazy attitude cause a mess and distracts people from issues that not yet has an answer.
So, I don't think I should apologize to you for enlightening you about this, except for maybe that I told you in a blunt way. My patience ran out this time. Besides, you have no idea what you are talking about, I have a wife and a child so I don't just "shag women" like you obviously do (Or any misspelled technology either for that matter).

Next time, please search and think just a little before just asking. If you don't you will never move away from that behaviour and forever keep begging people for the already answered questions, never being able to help yourself. I don't think that's very good for yourself either.
I hope I have been clear enough.
Have a nice day.
Oh my god? What is your beef? Everyone else tries to help except for you who would obviously rather i died Its just a phone pal, chill the f**k out, this isn't a forum just for big headed too intelegent to help others c**ts like you ya know. We less brainy ppl need a bit of assistance sometimes, why thats a problem for you i'll never know. "I hope I have been clear enough" and "Have a nice day" ?? Really??
Laters dick breath
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Originally Posted by Kamen View Post
I think this is getting out of hand now.

A simple "I'll help you now but in future please do have a look around harder, the answer is easier to find than you think", would be the solution in my book.

Some people would find this patronising or even worse now want to ask for help/advice in these forums because they'd be to affraid of getting insulted for stuf they don't quite understand yet.

Perseverance is the answer, I beleive.

I'll do this once

Anyone having problems please state:
OS inc x86(32bit) or x64(64bit)


What you are using to flash (Images .bin) + (Flashing tools)

What you have tried
Too late now, i've handed ma phone over to the fix it people of carphone warehouse. This is the thing... I could have took it there in the first place n got it fixed for nowt but i wanted to learn how to flash it myself? Thats lazy apparently. Anyhoo, thanks anyway. May aswell close this topic now as i think all the information to flash the phone is here but i just don't quite get it? Its here for others to see if nothin else.
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@Kamen: Of course, we should strife to be helpful in here and in no way I'm trying to deter anyone from posting questions, rather on the opposite. Helping each others out is what this is all about. However, like on any other place where people communicate with each other you need some kind of rules to avoid complete disorder in the forum. does have such rules stated and it is getting very annoying that by each day it gets worse in here because people ignore them and the moderators cannot keep up with the noise.
In the rules section:

No Cross-posting is divided into subforums by topic. Post into an existing thread on a subject (using the power search to find it), and when creating a new thread for a new subject, place it in the appropriate subforum. Posting the same comments more than once in a thread, or in more than one thread, is considered cross-posting, and is not appropriate. Please choose the single thread and forum in which your comments would be the most relevant, and post them in that thread only.

There are already a lot of threads explaining how to flash the N900 in all kinds of ways, I would be very surprised if this thread was created due to completely new issue, since no clues whatsoever were given to why the flashing procedure went wrong. In fact, there was no information given at all about what was done and how the device reacted.

And while we're looking at the rules, we might as well look at these two sections:

No Abuse, Insults or Personal Attacks
Abuse, insults and personal attacks directed at any member, person, or group are unacceptable. If you disagree with someone on some point, please do not resort to name calling or personal attacks; instead, argue the merits of their points. Please note that attacking people you perceive to be "trolls", "fanbois" or "flame baiters" still counts as a personal attack, and your posts will be removed as such.
Trolling example: "Just sell your N900 and get an iPhone 4!"
Flaming example: "Members with nothing to say should just shut up and leave this forum!"
Personal attack example: "You are an idiot."
If you have trouble refraining from taking "bait", consider making use of the built-in ignore list functionality.

No Foul Language
The use of foul language is considered to be unacceptable. Filters have been added to censor offensive words. Members must not bypass the filters or swear in a different language.

I never did attack this guy with any personal insults if you read my post carefully, although he did so with me numerous times in foul language.
I'm not a prude person or so, but I don't like being attacked in that way just for helping this forum stay clean from threads being created unnecessarily.

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