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Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
Well, this is one of the reasons I hate GUI tools like this.
For a CLI tool one can give exact information how to use, a string of characters to use on a terminal.
For a GUI tool one can only give vague advice on what should be done and clicked...

For example, how to "flashtool will bundle them" for example; when I push the "flash" button and navigate to a directory where I have a *.ftf file, it will open a tree view of the SW and allow me to start flashing.
If I navigate to the directory where I have this bundle of *sin's I got no such thing and the "flash" button stays grayed out.

For the life of me I cannot understand why people would want to create utilities like these when it is bloody obvious a CLI tool would be much easier???

OK, I'll try to download that.
hehe yeah, Iam CLI guy also
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Originally Posted by nieldk View Post
For Android 6.0.1, you can download 'storefront' version from Xperifirm (version 34.0.A.1.264)
Yes, or this detailed German guide suggests the "Internal Commerial and Journalists" version. Probably doesn't make much difference either way.

If you ever think that you might want to go back to stock Android, make a note of the current customisation in the phone's service menu.

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